Sinful Sunday Valentine Competition

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Valentine Competition

29th January 2013

Another year and time for another Sinful Sunday competition; the first one of 2013.

Below are the all important details you will need to join in…

The next Sinful Sunday competition which will take place on the 17th February 2013.



When I was looking for a quote to use for this competition I realised that there are so many different and brilliant quotes about all aspects of love, sex, and relationships that is was impossible to chose just one to sum up Valentines and so for this competition I have decided to do something a little different. YOU must pick the quote. Below are a couple of links to quotes about valentines that you can use, or find your own but it must be an attributed quote then illustrate your quote with your image(s)

The Quote Garden

Brainy Quote

Let your imagination run riot, pick a sexy, funny, quirky, passionate Valentine quote . There are so many options available to you; what does Valentine mean to you?  As always the point of the competition is to get your creative juices flowing.

So just to clarify your entry must contain a picture AND a an attributed valentine quote!!!


1. Your entry must contain at least one photograph (this is still Sinful Sunday after all, which is all about the image) It must be a photograph you took or someone took for you. You may include more than one image in your post

2. You must follow the normal guidelines for Sinful Sunday and use the badge to link your post back here.

3. Only one entry per blog

4. To be eligible for the competition your post must be inspired by the theme. (see above)

5. Please make sure your post is clearly marked as a competition entry. If you wish to still link into Sinful Sunday on that day but not be included in the competition that is fine, there will be a separate link in list for non competition entries.


I will post a full list of the prizes in the week prior to the competition but I can tell you that we have some very exciting things from Nipple Charms, SexToysUk and a new contributor Dom-estics.

The Judges

The  judging panel will consist of myself, Sir (Domsigns) and the wonderful Kerry Stott and Mr Stott will be joining us again to help bring some law, order and balance to the whole thing!.  Kerry is the author of Double Decker Bus; “a compelling account of  Kerry’s adventures with cancer”. She is a funny, sassy, talented and intelligent lady and her appreciation of all things erotic has made her a fabulous addition to the judging panel.

Now all we need is you….



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