Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 94

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 94

31st January 2013

This weeks weekly round-up is the first of this years guest posts and is written by the lovely Jack and Jill from Frisky In The 916. This is the first ever weekly round-up written by a duo so I hope they didn’t have too much trouble agreeing on their list!

Before we get to their list I just want to draw your attention to the forthcoming Sinful Sunday Valentine Competition, the full details you can find on ‘Quote Me A Valentine’  which will take place on Sunday 17th February 2013

Becks and Her Kinks

Becks and Her kinks on Sinful Sunday

This is a very alluring shot for many reasons.  Our eyes are immediately drawn to the contrast between the bright red, the deep black, and of course the enticing bare flesh.  The pose is confident and sexy, Beck’s thighs look luscious, and of course we love a nice pair of heels.

Dirty Little Whispers

Dirty Little Whispers on Sinful Sunday

Though Emma may feel that these shots are “badly taken”, together they make a beautiful, sensual collage.  Individually, these six images offer teasing glimpses of luxurious, feminine beauty, and together they are a symmetrical masterpiece.

Sex Toy Review Land

Sex Toy Review Land on Sinful Sunday

This is such a creative image.  The depth of field renders the feathers at one end of the clamp extremely vivid, while leaving everything else hazy and dreamlike.  Despite its blurriness, the clamped nipple stands prominent in contrast to the backdrop of this shot.

Sex With Rose

Sex With Rose on Sinful Sunday

We love the composition of this image.  The contrasting textures of cold, unforgiving metal against soft, warm flesh are really brought to life through the use of stark black-and-white.  We can almost feel the sharp points of the pinwheel poking us.

I Like Chocolate, He Likes Vanilla

I Like Chocolate on Sinful Sunday

What really struck us about this image is its juxtaposition of sexy and demure.  At first glance it appears that the hands are perhaps clasped in prayer.  If not for the title of the post and the accompanying words, we might never have guessed what was hidden within.

You can find all this weeks entries on Sinful Sunday 94

Jack and Jill


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