Sinful Sunday Valentine Competition RESULTS!

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Sinful Sunday Valentine Competition RESULTS!

21st February 2013

Before I launch into the list of winners I think we should just take a few moments to check out the amazing bundle of prizes and give a massive big shout out to the companies that kindly donated them.

Sinful Sunday Valentine Competition prizes

From we have a beautiful selection of valentine themed gifts including Chocolate Body Paint, Winter Skin gift set, and these delicious massage candles.

Leather Delights has really been amazing this time and sent us one of their fabulous Ball Gags

We also have yet again some seriously sexy Nipple Shields, Nipple Embracers and my favourites the beautiful Bindi’s

Erotic Toy Town are also looking after your nipples with some lovely nipple clamps

Now for something new and exciting from a set of Spank Ties and a great big bundle of Thai Nipple Clamps

Let’s end with a Tease; A sexy game of Tease will also be in someone’s prize package!

So the all important question is which of the amazing 37 bloggers will be getting one of the prize packages!?

As I have said many times before judging these competitions is never easy but this was particularly challenging. The standard was set extremely high that we found agreeing on a final six was tough but then ordering that 6 was almost impossible, but in the name of Sinful Sunday we did finally manage to come to an agreement!

6th Place – It’s Just A Hobby

It's Just A Hobby wins 6th place on Sinful Sunday

“You have captivated me, let me stand tremblingly before you.”

We loved how this image captured movement and how this seemed to illustrate the quote so perfectly. We felt there was something very delicate and deeply erotic about this post.

5th Place – Ann Morette

Ann Morette wins 5th place on Sinful Sunday competition

“Like every woman she’s been trapped in this fairy tale. Find a frog, kiss it, and hope it would turn into a handsome prince.”

We loved the fairytale feel to this image, the candy-floss pink of her hair and lips creates a great contrast to the stronger lines and colours of the frog and yet it also appears that the frog also has a tinge of pink to him. The angle of the shot is also superb as it gives the impression that the frog is reaching out to embrace his ‘princess’. Fun, sexy and beautifully crafted!

4th Place – Dirty Little Whispers

Dirty Little Whipsers wins 4th place on Sinful Sunday

“If sex were shoes, I’d wear you out. But I wouldn’t wear you out in public.”

All the judges agreed that this was a great image and that the marriage between the image and quote was perfect. The heart like shape of her legs and the shadow of the shoes is a very clever reference to the traditional ‘hearts’ of valentines. This image is beautifully simple and yet deliciously erotic and suggestive!

3rd Place – (It Girl. Rag Doll)

Harper Eliot wins 3rd place on Sinful Sunday

“I’ve already told you: the only way to a woman’s heart is along the path of torment. I know none other as sure.”

The primary colours of the pegs give this image an oddly child-like quality which is in stark contrast to the themes of torment and pleasure that is being depicted. It makes for quite a challenging image in our opinion and one that makes you double check to make sure that you are seeing exactly what you think you are seeing!

2nd Place – Plumptious Pea’s Pod

Plumptious Pea wins 2nd place on Sinful Sunday

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet”

All the judges adored this fabulous image. We loved the contrast of the red rose against her pale creamy flesh and of course the metaphor between the rose and the soft folds of the petals and a woman’s pussy is beautifully illustrated here. Then there is the quote, which works on so many different levels with the image and the theme that we all just fell in love with this entry.

1st Place – T is for TMI

T is for TMI wins 1st Place on Sinful Sunday

“In love there are two things – bodies and words.”

For once there was no arguing over first place as we all came to the meeting with this one on the top of our lists. The theme for the competition was ‘Quote me a Valentine’ and this entry just seemed to do that in bucket loads. The combination of the two lovers intertwined, the beautiful expression on her face and the way he appears to be nestled into her hair, as if he enjoying the scent of his partner as well as the touch and then the use of the quote all work together to create something which is sensual, beautiful and deeply moving.

If you are featured on the list above then you will need to email me [email protected] to let me know where to send your prize and so I can send you your winners badge to display on your blog if you so wish.

Please please do click on the links and go and see them all, they really are an outstanding collection as is the full list of entries that you can find on Sinful Sunday

And finally a big thank you to my guest judges, Domsigns the wonderful Kerry Stott and the calming influence that is Mr Stott, who gave up their time to look through all the amazing posts (I know, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it) and then gave up even more of their time to sit around and discuss them all so that we could come up with a list that we felt confidently reflected what we believed to be the best of the best.


5 Responses

  1. Congrats to the six, and amazing job on all the photos. They were so wonderfully creative!

  2. I couldn’t quite believe my placing when I idly checked into Twitter yesterday while sat in a coffee shop. I am incredibly proud of coming second. I am totally tickled that Tonya won. The image of Roland & herself is just beautiful & speaks volumes. I tip my woolly hat to the other wonderful bloggers here, too. Thankyou to the judging panel for feeling my image & how I incorporated the connotations of the quote, was worthy. I feel that my 1st year as a blogger in my own style has culminated this week into something I can be completely chuffed with. Everything I’ve tried with heart to convey with my voice, images & words will now only forge me forward. To some, this might seem like any other competition they regularly see happening. For me, it’s so much more.


    Pea ~x~

  3. Harper Eliot says:

    Such a gorgeous collection of pictures. And thank you so much for putting me up there at no. 3! Having looked through all the links myself, I can see exactly how difficult this list must have been.

  4. Persephone says:

    Huge congratulations, very well deserved, there were so many amazing entries.

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