Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 98

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 98

28th February 2013

This months weekly round-up guest writer is the lovely Emily Daniel from I Like Chocolate, He likes Vanilla. She has not been blogging all that long but in that time she has become a fairly regular contributor to Sinful Sunday and when I put out the call for guest bloggers at the beginning of the year she was one of the first people to message me. So without any more waffling from me….

Ava Grace: The Beauty of Submission

Ava Grace on Sinful Sunday

Classically erotic without being overtly sexual, the composition of the image suggests sensuality. The lines of the folds of the towel contrasting with the clavicle and neck as well as the shadows and light turn a simple image into a thoughtful and complex image.

Space Bunny Kink

Space Bunny Kink On Sinful Sunday

This is an excellent example of an image that sparks my imagination. I want to know who the woman is and why she is in a room with a messy bed, with a wall full of stuff. Whose room is it? Why is she wearing nipple tassles? Why does she have that ambiguous facial expression? When the photo is read out of the context of the blog and Sinful Sunday it is a narrative to be understood.

Understanding Me

Understanding me on Sinful Sunday

This image is called impressionist for a reason! I could easily imagine it being a painting rather than a photograph. It is engaging and evocative. The colors really make it though, with light and shade hidden behind the steam. It is sensual and beautiful.

Silverdrops’ Toybox

Silverdrop's Toybox

This image is simple yet powerfully arousing. At first I loved the water splashes, the delicate pubic hair and the eroticism of not being able to see anything other than the pubic hair and the tops of the thighs. Then my brain woke up and I realized I had a glimpse into the act of masturbation. I love it because it is incredibly graphic without being graphic at all.

A Slut’s Memoir

A Slut's Memoir on Sinful Sunday

I love this image because I had to engage with it to understand it. I had to find the reflection in the tap, at which point the image completely changed. It became very sexual, almost pornographic with the reflection turning the protrusion below the tap into a phallic object moving into the V between legs. After that, the light, the lines, the contrasts all start to sing. It is a clever, powerful, and sexual image. Wonderful!

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