Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 100

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 100

14th March 2013

Happy Steak and a Blow job day!

So we have reached week 100 of Sinful Sunday. I decided not to make a big fuss about it but I do want to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you, both readers and players, for supporting this meme and helping to build it into the wonderful and supportive community. I know over the last 2 years many people have made friendships and been inspired by the work they have found here. We should all be very proud of that.

This week saw an interesting influx of new people joining in. A wonderful thing as it means the community here is constantly growing and developing. Surprisingly though it was also a quiet week but this does not seem to have resulted in picking the top 5 being any easier than usual. Just as an aside to that, if you are a new contributor please do take the time to visit other people on the list and comment and on their work. Part of what makes Sinful Sunday so successful is the communication and dialogue between everyone.

Behind The Chintz Curtain

Scrabble sexy words

I have always said that a good erotic or sexy photograph does not always have to include the human form and this image is for me a perfect example of that. There is something very suggestive about this image and allows the viewer to really let their imagination fill in the untold story. who left the message for whom? Did they do they were told? If so…. well you can fill in the rest! This is the first of my pics from a new player to Sinful Sunday

Rebel’s Notes

Rebel's Notes on Sinful Sunday

Likewise being a technically good shot is also not always vital either. Sometimes it is those images that are accidental or slightly ‘off’ in some way that actually makes them that more erotic. I think the haze in this image works perfectly with Rebel’s clearly very relaxed state, it seems to emphasize that very thing about her, which combined with the light in her hair, the curve of her bottom and the line of her back all make for a very sensual and beautiful shot.

T is for TMI

T is for TMI on Sinful Sunday

If you not already done so please go to Tonya’s blog and click on this image to see it full size. At first I was not sure exactly what I was looking at but when I clicked on it, it took my breath away. There is something beautifully intimate about it and very passionate. His mouth on her, the bite, the graze of his stubble against her soft flesh. Just the thought made me shiver a bit.

Latex Stained Violets

Latex Stained Violet on Sinful sunday

Another new player to Sinful Sunday and she has certainly started picked an amazing image to make her debut with. I think this image has a wonderful Pre-Raphaelite quality to it. The colours and  flowers in her hair, the white chemise and the bare breast all make it feel like a vintage scene but then in her hand there is the tape that seems to be in direct conflict with the above implied story.

John D Stories

John D Stories on Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday is all about the image but sometimes words can enhance the visual. This shot is, in my opinion, exceptional, the lighting, the shadow, the obviously male hands in contrast to the silk red ties but then there are the words, “As taken by my wife earlier”. Does he mean the image or does he mean something else entirely. Well that is for you to decide.

You can see the full list of this weeks entries on Sinful Sunday Week 100



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