Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 109

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 109

16th May 2013

It appears that this week my round-up is all about the girls…

Dragon’s Kink

Dragon's Kink on Sinful Sunday

…and their toys! Kazi’s post is all about her grown up bath toys and there are some lovely pictures of her play time but it was this shot with the perfect ripple in the water that really caught my eye, mainly because I have tried something similar myself and never managed to captured the ripple like Kazi has done here!

Hell On High Heels

Hell on high heels on Sinful Sunday

The dusky glossy lips are what you first see as you scroll down this image but then there is the dark tendrils of hair that cascade downwards leading your eye to her beautiful cleavage. A simple shot but beautifully composed and executed creating a highly sensual and erotic picture.

Creativ Nooky

Creativ nooky on sinful sunday

I LOVE this one. Although it is clearly set up it has been taken in such a way that it makes you a voyeur, you are the person outside the window peeking in, you are not meant to be looking God damn it, but you just can’t help it and if you are anything like me you will find yourself tipping your head wishing for a just a little bit more!

Gritty Woman

Gritty Woman on Sinful Sunday

I find this mesmerizing. There is the sharper focus on her leg and the fishnets but for me it is the soft focus face behind that leg and hand that I find myself staring at. The whole thing is so suggestive and just oozes eroticism.

Kink and Poly

Kink and Poly on Sinful Sunday

I think this picture is one the sexiest, most erotic and highly charged shots of Jade that I have EVER seen. The dirt, the bound hands, the glimmer of her piercings between her thighs, the room under construction all comes together to show a scene of a dirty soiled slut, utterly used and abused and if you read her post lovingly hating it all too.

You can see the full list of this week entries on Sinful Sunday Week 109



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  1. SassyCat says:

    Thank you so much. Means so much. And A big congratulations to Dragon’s Kink, Creativ Nooky, Gritty Woman & Jade!!!
    Job well done Ladies!
    *raises her glass*

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