Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 110

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 110

23rd may 2013

Straight to it again this week and just like last week it is all about the girls…

Silverdrop’s Toybox

Silverdrop's toybox on sinful sunday

Silverdrop says this was a not so subtle message to her Dom asking for some pain play but I have to disagree, despite the nudity and the clear message there is something beautifully subtle about it. I think it is the downcast gaze that makes her looks demure, almost shy and yet that is in direct contrast to the spread legs. Whatever it is I think it is a truly beautiful image.

It’s Just A Hobby

It's Just A Hobby on Sinful Sunday

This is another very explicit shot but again like the one above there is something beautifully sensual about it. I love the way the sepia tones highlight the soft creaminess of her skin and the view up her body to her lovely full breasts really gives the shot a great depth of field.

Plumptious Pea’s Pod

Plumptious Pea's Pod on Sinful Sunday

Pea really does have a great eye for photography and this shot is a perfect example of that. The view down her body is full of promise and suggestion of what you might find if you unwrapped her and the matching red nails are a brilliant touch that really ties the whole image together and highlights the beautiful pale colour of her skin.

Girl, Uninterrupted

Girl Uninterrupted on Sinful Sunday

This image feels like an invitation to me. The pool of light at her side implies a window and potential watcher but then surely we are the watchers but what of the shadows, who lurks there? Does she wait for someone or do the shadows harbour her dirty thoughts? This is one of those images that fills you mind with possibilities and if you are anything like me, naughty thoughts of what could be.

Gritty Woman

gritty Woman on Sinful Sunday

This weeks top spot goes to Gritty Woman with this beautiful shot of her and some new restraints and is a perfect example of a shot that is very erotic and sexy and yet there is no nudity at all, not even a bare foot! I think the spread legs and the submissive pose, as if she is contemplating her fate, really give this image that little charge of electricity and to me it just screams sexy.

You can see the full list of this weeks entries on Sinful Sunday Week 110



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4 Responses

  1. GrittyWoman says:

    I am so honoured. Thank you Molly xx I loved all the entries once again. Yes, I admit it, I am a total perve.

  2. carter2011 says:

    Guess what?
    Jemima really is that beautiful 🙂

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