Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 111

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 111

30th May 2013

As you may know on the last weekend of the month it is guest poster time and I am really excited to announce that this week’s round-up is written by Girl on the Net, who blogs about sex, feminism, and everything in between. She is also a published author and her book – My not-so-shameful sex secrets – was released earlier this week.  Although not a blogger who contributes to Sinful Sunday she has long been a fan and follower of the meme so when she volunteered to write a round-up I jumped at the offer and so here she is with her top 5 pics of the week….

Having looked forward to doing the Sinful Sunday round-up for weeks, I found myself fumbling with indecision when it came round to actually doing it. There were so many pictures that I utterly loved, and it was incredibly hard to narrow it down to just five.

What I love most about Sinful Sunday is that the images show the broad range of human imagination and sexual desire. We’re not all robots turned on by exactly the same things, the same images, the same types of people – each and every one of the images sparks something different in my mind (and no doubt the minds of everyone else who’s viewing!), and on Sinful Sunday a glimpse of stocking or just the right position can lead to the hottest thoughts. With that in mind, here are my top five…

Sexual Adventures Of A Married Woman

Heels n'stockings on sinful sunday

This picture made me let out a little moan – half of arousal, half of jealousy. For me, nothing quite beats being the centre of a good threesome, and the beautiful placement of the hands means it’s hard to look at this picture without imagining exactly how it feels to run your palms down someone’s skin in exactly the same way.

A Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts

Pennys dirty thoughts on sinful sunday

There’s something unconscionably sexy about someone hard at physical work. This picture (OK, technically an animated picture) isn’t just beautiful because of the more-than-a-glimpse of spectacular arse, but because of the activity, and the rough, casual clothes. I don’t care what colour the room ends up, I just want to see the painter turn around so I can see the splashes of colour across his naked chest, and the tempting sweat on his brow.

Insatiable Desire

Insatiable Desire on Sinful Sunday

The red skirt bunched around her waist in this picture works beautifully to frame her arse, and the wrist and ankle cuffs make this ten times more submissive than even the kneeling posture implies. There’s an element of offering – ‘do you want me? What are you going to do?’ – that works spectacularly. There’s also a little bit of hesitation on her face, as if she’s not yet sure what’s going to happen, but wants it to happen soon.

Sex With Rose

Sex With Rose on sinful sunday

I loved this image so much because it’s clothed. Which might sound a bit odd, given that I’m a huge pervert. But being bound in rope fully-clothed feels even more deliciously restrictive than being bound naked. I love that in this image you can see the creases in the green top as the bonds pull against it, and that in not seeing naked skin, the only thing you can really think about is what that nakedness would look like.

Through The Lens

Through The Lens on sinful sunday

This picture was posted with an apology, because the poster didn’t think it was quite sinful enough. I strongly disagree. It’s beautiful, and the light highlighting contours of his body just makes me want to lick each crease and ripple. The fact that he’s stretching, reaching up for something and showing us the whole of him shows an openness that welcomes you in. I would like to be welcomed in.

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  1. beautiful images, all of them

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