Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 113

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 113

13th June 2013

It was a really tough one this week but here are my top 5…

Whole Sex life

Whole Sex Life on Sinful Sunday

Evoë’s aim with this image was to try and show “how expressive and erotic the face can be, all by itself.” and oh boy has she done exactly that. I find this image mesmerising, the slight furrowing of her brow, the open mouth and the pink flush of her skin all make for a picture of pure eroticism. As an aside it is Evoë’s 3rd Blogiversary and to celebrate she is running an Erotic Photography Contest

Dragon’s Kink

Dragon's Kink on Sinful Sunday

As a regular Scavenger Hunter I am all too aware how tough it is to get really good pictures when you are dealing with the unpredictable outdoors and the possibility of  interruptions but in my case I nearly always have a partner in crime, unlike Kazi. This is a remarkable image but knowing that Kazi took this herself, well in my opinion that makes it all the more amazing.

Bad Kitty Erotica

Bad Kitty Erotica on Sinful Sunday

This image is part of a his and her set of posts. You can find the ‘his’ version on Space Bunny’s Kink The two images are almost identical but I picked this one to show as it the clarity and burst of light across her skin just seemed to be slightly sharper. I love the playfulness of this, the Star Wars skirt but mainly it is the light, the way it radiates out across the skin and the way the colours seems to mimic perfectly the heat that is created when you are spanked.


Lil Miss Shalla on Sinful Sunday

There are a whole series of quite frankly amazing shots on Shalla’s post but it was this one that really stood out for me. There is something so incredibly sexy about it, the possessive almost child-like wrapping of his arms around her legs and feet is a clear physical demonstration his feelings but it is the eye, the intense stare at the camera that that seems to be so full of passion.

John D Stories

John D Stories on Sinful Sunday

My top pic of the week is this absolutely breath-taking shot from John. The composition is pure magic in my opinion. The whole thing suggests hotel sex to me; The naked man, waiting, the night setting and the iconic glimmer of London in the background , makes me think of illicit hook-ups. It makes me want to book a night in a hotel.

You can all this week entries on Sinful Sunday Week 113



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2 Responses

  1. Twisted Angel says:

    The one of the man reminds me of a former FWB who would often wrap himself around me in that manner to fall asleep. Regardless of whether we had been intimate or not. He said I was the only person who could make him fall asleep and not snore , ever. Trust me he could seriously saw some logs, like wake himself up doing it.

  2. John’s was my favorite this week as well, for so many reasons that you described.

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