Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 114

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 114

A Dissolute Life means on Sinful Sunday

20th June 2013

I have one more spot left for a guest poster to write the weekly round-up this year so if you are interested in putting your name for the November slot then send me an email [email protected]

A Dissolute Life Means

A Dissolute Life means on Sinful Sunday

This is such a clever shot and beautifully executed too. Getting a silhouette shot right is a tricky business but Hyacinth has seriously nailed it in my opinion. The light is perfect creating a really strong defined outline to her beautiful frame.

Shadowed Seductress

Shadow Seductress on Sinful Sunday

This is such a sultry and suggestive image. The gentle tones of this image mean that your gaze is drawn to her mouth and it is a beautiful mouth. The top curve of her full plump lips is quite simply beautiful. I am fairly sure that I am not the only one who looks at this image and wonders what it would be like to kiss those beautiful lips.


Lil Miss Shalla on Sinful Sunday

Although Shalla said in her post that she had ‘no sin today’ this image flows with sinful intentions. It is one of those shots that puts you firmly in your place, you are the person peeking up her skirt, you capture a glimpse of thigh and something more but then you have been caught, she is looking down on you. Naughty but deliciously nice!

Kink and Poly

Pieces of Jade on Sinful Sunday

This one absolutely makes my submissive blood boil. I think this is such a powerfully sexy image and shows just what an incredibly sexy man W is. There is something about the handful of hair, the slight outline of the muscles in his shoulders and biceps coupled with the knife, rope and demanding kiss that just screams sexy at me.

Mia’s Musings

Mia's Musing on Sinful Sunday

My top shot this week is this beautifully simply yet highly erotic image from Mia. I love the simple but suggestive pose and there is something about the fact that she is wearing a cardigan as if this was a spur of the moment thing and that somehow makes this image even more beautiful. To me it feels very exposed and the open hands convey a message of giving and as the voyeur it feels like she is giving herself to us.

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3 Responses

  1. Mia says:

    Thank you so much for choosing my image as your image of the week! Utterly amazed especially given the long break I’ve had from this wonderful place due to, mainly, family issues. My aim in coming back again was to do so on a more erotic than graphically sexual and hopefully I have managed to achieve that with this image.

    Thank you once again for your recognition and also a great big thank you to everyone that made such wonderful comments.

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. ShadowedSeductress says:

    I am so beyond flattered by your amazingly kind words! I am so honored to be in this roundup<3

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