Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 122

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 122

15th August 2013

I am on holiday, but do not fear, the weekly round-up will continue as normal with the first of this month’s guest presenter; Curious Muse. You can find Muse on Twitter: @Curiousmuse1 on Tumblr: Curious Muse and on her own blog: A Curious Muse

And here are her top 5 pics from this weeks line-up….

The Sin Doll

The Sin Doll on Sinful Sunday

This picture works for me because it stands on it’s own, it doesn’t need any words. I like honesty of the colour version the best. We all have so much access to special effects these days, the click of a button and it’s instagrammed. But fundamentally a raw picture like this needs nothing added or taken away. The close up of her face adds to the sense of almost claustrophobic intensity. And the eyes, my goodness they speak so many words.

Novelties Toy Meets Girl

Woman naked in a field

Again I am so pleased this photo was posted as it came out. The simplicity of the shot catches the atmosphere of oppressive heat beautifully. Who wouldn’t want to throw their clothes off?! And I enjoy that the camera position suggests voyeurism. A glimpse of freedom through the trees.

Through The Lens

Hard cock in white pants

I love this man’s photography. He has a natural eye for composition, always suggestive rather than explicit making the mind work to imagine what is never quite shown. The light is always perfect; not affected, not too moody, just beautifully captured highlights and shadows showing skin and hair and contours to most delicious effect.

Sexual Adventures Of A Married Woman

Woman floating naked in the sea

Another un-manipulated picture that speaks for itself; the relaxed pose, the glint of sunshine, the disregard for those in the background. You just know this is a person in their element, entirely at ease and enjoying where they find themselves. A pleasure to look at, and it makes me want to just float alongside.

Travel Nurse Toy Box

Nipple through a feather

This is a wonderfully theatrical image, so different to the others I have chosen. It made me smile because it’s so cheeky. It brings to mind vintage burlesque strippers and their fancy feather routines. My mind wanders off to imagine what next, how soon were those feathers flipped and flapped to reveal all. Any picture that takes the viewer away in their imagination has achieved far more than just a flat image on a screen.

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