Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 124

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 124

30th August 2013

My my where did August go? For me it was spent in holiday mode and as a result has been a rather wonderful month but it now coming to an end and so this is the last of my short run of guest posters on the round-up. This week the round-up has been in the hands of my dear friend Ruby Goodnight and, rumour has it, she was assisted by her beautiful partner in crime The Mrs Goodnight. So without further ado here are there top 5 pics of the week

John D Stories

John D Stories on Sinful Sunday

The amount of contrasts in this image is what appealed to us – the bumpy & haired backside against the smoothness of the paddle, the curved outline of the body versus the straight lines of the tool, the focus of the foreground and the fuzziness of the background. You don’t see a lot of “celebration” of the male ass in this way very often. We put this in our “possibly the best” pile right from the start and it stayed firmly in place the whole time!

(It Girl. Ragdoll)

Harper Eliot on Sinful Sunday

Mrs and I are suckers for well-composed images that don’t look staged. This is a perfect example of that. It almost looks as if Harper is clueless that her picture has been taken, as if someone had popped up from a stairwell to take the picture when she wasn’t looking. Colors are carried through so well – the glass matching the walls matching her top; the sand and her skin.

Gritty Woman

Gritty Woman on Sinful Sunday

Once again we are enjoying the contrast in stereotypes presented by a gorgeous image. His position is tilted, almost feminine. The strapon obviously gives a phallic, masculine feel to the female, but those perky nipples show off her feminine allure. I would love to see this image in its actual color scheme, as I bet the flesh tones would really set off that ‘gender bend’.

Owned Collared Loved

Submissive kneeling

Ruby read a lot of chatter in the Twitterverse about this image, and a lot of those comments were right on the money. The image almost looks holy in some ways, with the cast shadows and the light spilling in around the awaiting submissive. Is she praying, or being prayed to? The blurred Dominant’s hand lets its presence be known, but the image is focused squarely on her and what’s to come.

Beck and Her Kinks

Beck and her Kinks on Sinful Sunday

While the focused figure in this image immediately draws the eye, it what was left unfocused that really impacted us when it came to this picture. Knowing it was taken in a cemetery, the lack of focus almost emphasizes she spiritual nature of this photo, as if Beck is an offering to the past. The dark corners of the picture also gives it an older feel, as if it was taken on some sort of old Brownie camera.


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