Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 125

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 125

5th September 2013

Welcome to September and we are back to normal service this month with regards to the write up, although keep your eyes peeled as I will be announcing the new monthly prompt scheme within the next week or so. In the meantime let’s focus on this weeks round-up. I really struggled to get my choices down to 5 and as a result as I am going to mention Happy Come Lucky’s post as I really loved this one but I couldn’t leave any of these others out of my top 5 and so she just missed out

That Position

That Position on Sinful Sunday

I have known for a little while that these guys where ‘growing a bump’ and I will admit that I did encourage them to dabble in some photography. At they time they said they would think about as they were not sure but this week it seems that they have come to a decision and as a result shared this truly beautiful portrait of Monika. I love this picture so much; the perky full breast with the soft curve of her growing belly just visible beneath it combine to gloriously sensual and also celebratory portrait of a woman.

Rebel’s Notes

Rebel's Notes on Sinful Sunday

I adore this clever image by Rebel. The focus on the dildo is absolutely spot on and yet the background is clear enough that you can make exactly what you are looking at. I also love the fact that she has managed to get the curve of the dildo to correspond perfectly with the curve of her leg. Oh and do I really need to mention… shoes!

A Slut’s Memoir

A Slut's memoir on Sinful SundayIf you have not read the words to go with this image then I suggest you do as it is pretty powerful stuff but even without the words this image stands alone as a beautifully erotic shot. The lighting is perfect, I love the way it gives a slight sheen to her back and makes her skin appear flawless and the focus on the strap across just seems to emphasis the curve of her back into the rise of her stunning arse.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole on Sinful Sunday

I will admit to spending a long time studying this entry. All in the name of the round-up obviously. It is a tough job but luckily this week I got to do it! This is addictive viewing, I found myself completely lost in this moving image, part of me wanted it to play on, I craved more of this moment and yet it is perfect as it is. Erotic, sexy and passionate, they appear lost in each other, the camera is clearly not part of this moment and yet we are getting to see it, over and over again.

My Whole Sex Life

Whole Sex life on Sinful Sunday

It was a close run thing for my top pic of the week but in the end this one won out and I think the main reason for that is that although at first glance this image seems to be fairly simple there is in fact a great deal going on here. I love everything about this image, the amazing blood coloured carved heart, the shape of her bum and the view up the curve of her spine, the little bit of light between her thighs and her intense look at the camera! True magic

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