Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 126

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 126

12th September 2013

Yet again I was struggling this week and as a result I am going to give a mention to someone who didn’t make the round-up but who’s post I feel needs highlighting and it is Geeky Nymph with her post Seeing Red; a powerful image showing a sex toy covered in her beautiful menstrual blood. A challenging image for many and yet just a natural part of being a woman, so I applaud her decision to post it.

Now for the top 5 pics this week

Understanding Flutterby

Understanding Flutterby on Sinful Sunday

This shot makes me think of an old masterpiece painting. The colours, the frame, the slightly mottled glass look created by the condensation and her beautiful Rubenesque figure all combine to create a very sexy and sensual image.

 John D Stories

John D Stories on Sinful Sunday

Yes I will admit this one made me laugh, especially when you read the one liner that goes with it but as well as that it is also a really good shot. Capturing a good silhouette with the sun burst is not the easiest of thing and you have a very limited time frame to work with but these guys really nailed it. I also like the fact that he is holding a camera as it means we are then wondering who is the photographer and who is the subject. It is playful, fun, sexy and beautifully composed.

Behind The Chintz Curtain

Behind the Chintz Curtain on Sinful Sunday

This shot is all about placement. Don’t get me wrong Jane’s legs, bottom, in fact her whole figure is absolutely stunning but it is the presence of the hedgerow that really brings this shot to life. I find myself wishing I was her neighbor…..oh the fun we would have.

Diary Of An Owned Slave

Diary of an owned Slave on Sinful Sunday

I love everything about this shot, the lighting, the angle, the composition are all brilliant. The tantalizing swell of her cleavage, the harsh red of the ball in her mouth which just seems to emphasize its intrusive purpose and the little string of drool that shows what effect it is having on her and on top of all this my eye is constantly drawn to her beautiful plumped and almost heart shaped lips.

(It Girl. Rag Doll)

Haroer eliot on Sinful Sunday

If you read the various comments left on this post you will see that it has triggered many different responses in different people and I think that sums up the power of this image perfectly. There is something very raw and vulnerable about Harper in this shot and yet her physical stance feels almost proud and bold which is in direct contrast to the faceless aspect. As one commenter so aptly said “It is strange and beautiful, hidden and exposed…”

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2 Responses

  1. Heaven says:

    All of this shots are amazing. I especially love the ball gag one.

  2. RockChick says:

    I still have much to learn about photography!

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