Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 129

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 129

3rd October 2013

This weeks round-up comes to your courtesy of John D Stories, a blogger who has become a regular feature here himself and if his emails are anything to go by a bog fan of the round-up. One of the reasons I invited him to write one was because he would regularly send his predictions for my top 5 and seemed to genuinely enjoy attempting to second guess me so it seemed only right to give him a chance to write his own list.


When I agreed, many months ago, to do the Sinful Sunday round-up this week, I had no idea how hard it would be to narrow it down to just five images. I have spent hours looking at the twenty-nine entries, considering each one closely before wondering what item I would need to grease Molly’s palm with to allow me to have a final ten, fifteen or even twenty in the round-up; but strange as this may sound, I think Molly may be incorruptible!

So, after much musing, indecision and alcohol, here is my top five for the week.

Kink, etc…

Kink, etc... on Sinful Sunday

I have a big thing for strap-ons: it is something I really want to try but as yet haven’t, but even the most prudish members of our society would be somewhat turned on by this sparkling gem of an image. The hot as hell short skirt hints at a maid’s outfit, the hand is ready to guide her partner onto her toy, and the stockings complete a most incredible pose. Without a doubt, I would bend over for that in a heartbeat, and I defy any man or woman to resist. Lovely picture, so tempting and so alluring!

Rebel’s Notes

Rebel's Notes on Sinful Sunday

American Beauty meets The Secretary! Rebel looks a lot sexier than either Mena Suvari or Maggie Gyllenhaal managed, with her subtly arranged rose petals hiding her most intimate of parts. I adore the attention to detail: the red of the petals matching the nails, the stockings and cuffs and how the eye is naturally drawn into the photograph and along the body. Fabulous!

Dirty Little Whispers

Dirty Little Whispers on Sinful Sunday

I know an oft repeated mantra from Molly is that “Sinful Sunday is all about the image” but I can’t help but be touched by the back story of distant lovers. Molly called this entry “must see” on Twitter and I can’t disagree: using an outline to highlight the missing hands is smart, but the real value comes through in the haunting balance of the photographic tones. Slightly miserable, dark, but so very sexy at the same time.

That Position

That Postition on sinful sunday

Pregnant women are just sexy; I can’t explain why (but I know from post-birth drinks I am not alone.) Sure, the poor woman might be tired and feel bloated, but she is almost certainly turning heads! This picture is a wonderful example: the understandable use of the bedsheet to preserve modesty, while a warm, gentle glow to the pregnancy oozes intimacy. It’s soft, loving, and so very sexy.

(And best of luck with the birth and the baby.)


Wyld rose on Sinful Sunday

And finally, my top picture: it is said a picture is worth a thousand words but that wouldn’t be doing this incredibly amazing picture any sort of justice. The scattered clothes outside a locked door hints at some carnal fun and games within but the eye is drawn to the splash of bright red colour and then follows the strong lines into the picture. I’ve looked at this a number of times and keep finding new details in the photograph. Amazing!

You can see the full list entries this week on Sinful Sunday Week 129


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    Thanks so much!

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