Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 130

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 130

10th October 2013

So the first monthly prompt weekend has been and gone. It seems that on the whole people were very positive about the idea and so for now it will definitely remain as monthly feature. The prompt weekend will always be in the 1st weekend of the month and prompt will be published in the middle of the previous month to give everyone a chance to have plenty of time to work on their image. So the prompt for next month will be published here at the beginning of next week. In the meantime, here are my top 5…

Down The Rabbit Hole

Down the rabbit hole on Sinful Sunday

There were a few images this week that played on the concept of writing lines at school but this one was my favourite and I think that is all down to the glass table which gives us a tantalizing view of her ‘school girl legs’. The socks and little flat black pumps are the key I think and of course the tie make for the perfect naughty school girl. She doesn’t seem very chastised though if the expression on her face is anything to go by.

Bad Kitty Erotica

Bad Kitty Erotica on Sinful Sunday

Another entry that fitted with the ‘Back to School’ prompt and for me this one is all about the location. It really does feel like this might have been taken in a school common room or maybe even a staff room and it is that fact that really makes this a very interesting image. There is something delicious real and naughty about it all.


Urban Vox on Sinful Sunday

This image is just screams passion  to me. The grasping hands on her breasts speak of hunger, a greedy lust, and the intense gaze at the camera from the the darkness behind her suggests a determined self assurance that is electric. All of which makes for a dark, almost predatory feel to the image but that is in stark contrast to her gentle smile that shows just how she feels about the grasping hands.

Property of Potter

Property of Potter

This one is all about the eyes. They suggest naughty wicked thoughts and the glasses just seem to add to the corruptible feel of this image as if she is the straight-laced librarian who has been led astray. This is also a pretty awesome shot in that the compostition is quite frankly perfect. The lighting, the simple colours, the book to face ratio and the focus is all absolutely spot-on making it an excellent piece of photography.

Rebel’s Notes

Rebel's Notes on Sinful Sunday

My top pic was a really tough choice this week, as the prompt seemed to have bought out the best in people but after lots of pondering I kept coming back to this one. Such a simple image really and yet I think it just exudes beauty, sensuality, sexuality and truth. The shot in itself, like the one above, is an excellent piece of work with the strong focus on the hand and pen but a clear depth of field that keeps her body focused within the image but this is beyond technical achievement and more about the soft tones of her skin, the hint of the tattoo, the slight swell of her tummy that I adore. I hope Rebel knows just how beautiful she looks in this image.

You can all this entries on Sinful Sunday Week 130



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4 Responses

  1. Oh Molly. Your words brought tears to my eyes. I am just almost out of a period where I felt very low about myself and my body and your words just hit home with me. Thank you so much for your words. It means the world to me!

    Rebel xox

  2. urbanvox says:

    yay! thanks hon! Dome AWESOME photos again this week!
    Can’t wait fro next prompt! Will be fun participating with @_ginandsin 😉


  3. Sex Toys For Women says:

    Brilliant Work, loving the work

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