Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 131

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 131

17th October 2013

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For the next week I shall be managing my blogging world for Atlanta whilst I attend and speak at EroticonUSA. I am hopefully that normal service will continue but it may mean that this Sunday’s post might appear early and stay open a little longer than usual and next weeks write-up will probably not be live until next Friday.

For now though, on we go…

His Vixey

His Vixey on Sinful Sunday

I think this portrait of Vixey is mesmerizing. I love how she seems to be shrouded in the darkness but the more you look the more you see. The trail of light down her chest illuminating her left breast and hand catches your eye straight off, but it is the glimmer of her beautiful smile that you can just make out on her face that gives this picture a great deal more depth than at first glance.

Smutty Words

Eve St James on Sinful Sunday

Sometimes an image is out there, obviously erotic or sexy, sometimes graphic and in this case sometimes not and yet I find this to be such an amazingly hot picture. The parted thigh, the light on his denimed leg and the large manly hand claiming it place on her flesh. Brilliantly erotic.

Her Second Chance

Miss July on Sinful Sunday

For me this is all about the unbuttoned jeans and little flash of bright coloured panties. The rope sure adds to the story but there is something very sexy about her partial state of undress that implies this image was just the beginning of  this tale.

TJ’s Take

TJ'sd Take on Sinful Sunday

I adore this shot. Not only is it funny and playful but it is beautiful composed and the wide open eye, the placement of her fingers in that ‘pondering’ motion all come together (excuse the pun) to give a funny portrait of the dilemmas of owning sooooo many sex toys.

Property Of Potter

Property of Potter on Sinful SundayI hope the lovely Property of Potter knows just how good her photography is. She seems to be developing quite an eye for ‘the moment’ and an increasing techincal skill both of which are shown off perfectly in this quite frankly amazing piece of photography. In particular the capture of the stream and the shadow of it in the wall behind, not an easy shot to take and one that you only have moments to get right as re-shooting is not something that could happen without a break and more fluids! Regardless of your thoughts on golden showers I think everyone must be able to see this image for what it is, brilliant.

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  1. His Vixey says:

    Thank you so much for including me in the round-up! It’s an honor 🙂

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