Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 133

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 133

This weeks round-up comes you directly from the lovely Nikki Blue and Heather Cole at Vagina Antics If you don’t know these two then you are definitely missing out. They are funny, sexy and intelligent and like me they are also in the Sex Blogging Super Heroes 2013 list, what more recommendations could you possibly want!?

Before I hand over to them just a quick reminder that this weekend is monthly prompt Sunday; Halloween. Check out the Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt 2 post for all the details. Now my work is here done for this week and the rest is up to Nikki and Heather….

Heather: When Molly first asked us to participate in Sinful Sunday, I got super nervous. I mean, we only get to pick five photos. That’s five out of a hundred. OK, so there wasn’t a hundred photos, but there was a lot and they were AWESOME. I had such a hard time choosing, because I loved all the different expressions of sexuality. Sure, not everything is a turn-on for me, but I get tingles seeing others express themselves through photographs. One image can convey so much emotion and be thought provoking too. By the time I got to the end of the Sinful Sunday list, I just wanted to jump up and down and cheer, “hurray for people masturbating! And hurray for people having sex! And hurray for naked people in nature! Hurray for art and nudes and erotica!”

Which is why I called Nikki three times to make me focus and sit down again. She kept mentioning something about ‘too much coffee’ but there is no such thing. No really. There isn’t. <help me>

Nikki: Like Heather, I too was nervous about participating in Molly’s Sinful Sunday Wrap-Up. Not because we had to narrow our fave’s down to five, but because this particular one fell on my sex weekend. Hey, I’m nothing if not honest.

I confess, though, it was quite challenging to pick only five out of so many fantastically amazing photographs. And I wasn’t surprised at all when Heather and I chose three of the same, but for very different reasons. It’s just how we roll.

By the way, I have restricted Heather’s caffeine intake. You are welcome.

Kink, etc…

Lori and Hubby on Sinful Sunday

Nikki: I especially loved this because I could imagine myself exposed and vulnerable during the transition from submissive to Dominant, and vice versa. The change both inside and out, the waiting for the right moment, and wondering exactly when that moment is.

Sexy Little Ideas

Heather: I loved the originality of this post. I’m very much interested in artistic process, so seeing this sketch from beginning to end was a real treat. It’s also fascinating to know the artist’s headspace before he started, and the intensity and desire of the sexual relationship really came through the movements of his pencil against canvas.

Nikki: What I found so incredible about this is the blank canvas underneath. He didn’t add to it and then take away to add the amazing detail. It was already there, waiting to shine through.

Behind The Chintz Curtain

Behind the chintz curtain on Sinful Sunday

Heather: Oh the ass grab… it could almost be considered commonplace by some of our sexual standards, but is there anything quite as satisfying as having your lover grab a handful of your ass in relish? Hands on skin, flesh gripped by greedy hands… I think this photo speaks to many of us.

Nikki: There is nothing quite like the ass grab. To me it’s both powerful and possessive. It tells me how much my lover adores everything about my ass when he worships it. And when he’s feeling dominant, it tells me the same, but in a very different sense.

Sexuality Sanctuary

Sexuality Sanctury on Sinful Sunday

Heather: I chose this photograph because of the meaning of the word. I’m writing about ‘boundaries’ in the context of polyamory and kink (and where they overlap) and I keep coming back to that word… boundaries. It haunts me, because even when a lover tells me they have none, I KNOW that they exist. Boundaries in the context of sex work was a great re-frame of the definition for me to ponder. And making me think about something in a new way is almost as arousing as getting into my pants. 😉

Nikki: I love that she tattooed Boundaries over old scars as another reason to stand firm. Scars can be painful reminders if we give them power over us. She has clearly taken charge of her body, her past, and her future. And that’s pretty fucking awesome.


MarQe on Sinful Sunday

 Heather: The movement captured in this photo was evocative, almost like a punch to my gut. I have a punishment looming, and no doubt my sir will choose the cane. It’s his favorite toy, and I loathe and love it in turns. I looked at this image and a thousand thoughts raced through my head followed by almost as many emotions. Did she love this? Hate it? A combination of both? Did she feel remorse or was this a joyful bit of fun? I almost want to know these answers, and then I don’t.

You can see all the entries from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 133


4 Responses

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your picks of pics! 🙂

  2. MarQe says:

    Whoaa!! Thank you so much for including my effort in the ‘Round Up!’ ….. I’m truly flattered & honoured

    MarQe x

  3. Dale Ealey says:

    I love Nikki and Heather! Always sexy, always informative! They have the best blog going, and I read a lot of them.

  4. Sangsara says:

    Thankyou so so mch for including me in this weeks top pics! I luv that my first inclusion was a pic that wasn’t of my naked girl parts but was still quite naked me.

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