Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 136

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 136

21st November 2013

This is my last round-up of November as next weekend I am handing this space over to Beck and her Kinks and she will be picking her top 5 pics and then the following weekend it will be competition time again. Make sure you check out the Competition Page for all the details.

John D StoriesJohn D Stories wax play on sinful Sunday

This is such an intense image. If you, like me, love wax play, you will look at this shot and instantly remember the feelings of anticipation, the sting, the heat and the tightening of your skin as the liquid cools upon your flesh. This shot will make you crave that moment. The light from the candle reflecting on his skin really portrays those feelings of heat and the word spelt out in delicate little back droplets plays nicely into the pain/pleasure feelings that I tend to think of when wax play is mentioned.

Dragon’s Kink

Painted nails holding pierced nipple

Such a simple image really but perfectly executed to create something playful, fun and sexy. What I really love about this shot is that all the colours on her nails seem to be reflected in the ring through her nipple. I have no idea if Kazi knew that was going to be the case when she planned this shot but whether it was planned or a happy coincidence it doesn’t really matter as either way it resulted in a great photograph.

A Dissolute Life Means

Naked portrait of Hyachinth JonesYes, Sinful Sunday is all about the image and this shot along with the edited version in her post is absolutely beautiful however, that is not my only reason for including it here. In her post Hyacinth writes about the conflicts she sometimes feels when editing her images. The desire for her to show as truthful an image as possible sometimes conflicts with the artistic part of her process that wants to show her work off in the best way possible. I think it is a conflict that many of us must be able to identify with. She raises some good points and if you have not read it and commented then I urge you to do so as I am sure for most of the Sinful Sunday community of bloggers you have thoughts and experiences that are relevant.

Kink, etc…

Kink etc on Sinful Sunday

Watching Lori’s growth and development as a photographer over the last 6 months or so has been an addictive habit of mine, her images are like a delightful trail of learning and crafting her skill and they just keep getting better and better. This series is quite literally stunning but this image was definitely my favourite. I love the way the branches seem to be drawing a line down her neck. across her chest and running between her breasts, almost framing them. You just can’t help but follow that enticing line down across her body.

Gritty Woman

Gritty woman on Sinful Sunday

When I clicked on this link the first image that I saw had my full attention and I had already reserved it in my head as being a possible for my top pic of the week but then I scrolled down and found this, and everything I had just thought was forgotten. The angle of this shot just seems to emphasis his prone vulnerable position, the dark sheets act as a perfect frame and contrast to the pale skin and the slight grip of the sheets in his hands gives this image a truly erotically charged atmosphere.

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