Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 139

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 139

12th December 2013

Just a quick note about next weeks round-up which will be in the capable hands of Stranded in Toronto and Stranded GF…. lets hope they can agree on their favourite 5 without too much trouble.

I guess it is a busy time of year for people which is why the number of bloggers linking in has been a little on the low side. Hopefully over the next few weeks things will settle down though but even with less to pick from it doesn’t seem to make the round-up any easier

Understanding Flutterby

Understanding Flutterby on Sinful SundayIf you want to see her bottom glowing then check out the other images she posted alongside this one. I picked this one though as I love the dark moody bruises and the angle of the shot which is so flattering. The sensual curve of her hip and the way it dips so into her waist is so beautiful.

Kink and Poly

Kink and Poly on Sinful Sunday

This image nearly slipped me by, that is until I clicked on it to make it bigger, which I am so glad I did because only then could I see just how cool it is. The ghostly skeleton of tree is only just visible in the moonlight and the fur hood that Jade is wearing speaks of dark cold winters nights and the gag, well that suggests silence but not really in the Silent Night sense of the word! Spooky, eerie and sexily suggestive.

Gritty Woman

Gritty Woman on Sinful Sunday

This image alone suggests all sorts of possible scenarios, but in my opinion none of them quite as delicious as the actual truth, which is that she promised him he could have his key, it just wasn’t quite as easy as it sounds.

Happy Come Lucky

Happy come lucky on sinful sunday

I find this image beautifully intimate. It is almost as if we have stumbled into the room to discover this delightful image waiting on the bed for us. Erotic, provocative and yet more evidence that socks are sexy!

Sex With Rose

Sex with Rose man slut on Sinful Sunday

Slut; a word so often associated with women and by many attributed to women in a negative way. I love how this image completely challenges that premise. It is a powerful image in my opinion that takes that word and twists it delightfully into a masculine usage.

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