Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 140

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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 140

19th December 2013

Due to the holidays I decided to move the guest poster slot to the middle of the month and so for the last time this year I am handing over this space to another blogger to pick there top 5 from this weeks selection. I already have a fair few people lined up for 2014 but if you would like to write a Sinful Sunday round-up please do get in touch with me, either leave a comment here or email me [email protected]

This month though this space belongs to Stranded in Toronto although I have a feeling that Stranded GF might take exception with that claim as you about to find out…

Hi there. I am Stranded. The one currently throwing things at me and telling me, “YOU’RE WRONG!” is StrandedGF…or Laura. We live in Toronto, right downtown…a city that never sleeps…and sometimes we wish it would. Now, we must mention before we get started…we warned Molly not to choose us, as this cannot end well.
However, today we are here to pick five. Being Canadian, first, we must apologize.
Thank you.
Now, seeing as we have dug ourselves out of the latest snowfall, our five choices…

Cammies On The Floor
Cammies on the floor on Sinful Sunday

First, there is the nipple. Laura reminds me that the look on her face suggests we want to be there and part of this action. She looks so excited about seeing a misery stick. All that lovely rope looks exquisite…but the nipple. It is a beautiful nipple. The kind of nipple that one would suck on for twelve hours on a summer day in between sips of sarsaparilla…

But this is winter, so on to number two…

John D Stories
John D Stories on Sinful Sunday
Somehow, on this one, Laura has broken out into an inappropriate choice of song…”Come on baby, light my fire…”. As a man, may I just say having electric wires wrapped around my pubic region while a woman sings about fire…well..draw your own conclusions. However, we enjoy the lighting of this one. It’s hard to extinguish what it is about this picture…but we hope the burns were minimal.


Rebel’s Notes
Rebel's Notes on Sinful Sunday
A threesome…and only third as it is…a threesome! There is something to be said for the two lucky gents involved with Lady Marie here…and that is “Bravo!” To stand up to such a beauty…such eloquence…such erection-demanding…such threesomeness…okay, now Laura is jealous. In fact for completely different reasons, we are both jealous. How about a fivesome?


Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts
Penny for your dirty thoughts on sinful sunday
Fourth is Lady Penny…who obviously lies…much like Pinnocchio…and no doubt her lover is quite thankful she does. Such a theatrical photo with a serious undertone of…pffft…who are we kidding…that nose is awesome. Plus those hands are just meant to caress balls…or breasts…either, or. We can offer both…at her convenience.

Fifth…and not least…nor really fifth

Sex With Rose
Sex with Rose on Sinful Sunday

A stocking I would like to stuff…never mind cleavage looking as though it needs something to rest between it…and yes, of course, we’re discussing Laura’s tongue. Where was your mind? Also, if we may point out, much like Lady Penny above…Rose lies…she hasn’t been that good…we’ll prove it, just give us time.

Thanks to Molly for allowing us to play tonight…the above five choices have been brought to you by the letters S and M…and the number 69. Okay…we lie, as well…it was the number 42.

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