Sinful Sunday weekly Round-up 142

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday weekly Round-up 142

2nd January 2014

Welcome to 2014! Don’t forget that this coming Sunday (5th January 2014) is the monthly prompt weekend, the full details you can find on Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt 3

Now lets see the New Year in with my top 5 pics from last weekend

Kink etc…

Topless woman in army uniform

Lori’s post this week is a tribute to her Army serving daughter. She writes passionately about how proud she is of her daughter and why she took this stunning shot. It is the combination of her words with the image that really makes this shot for me

A Slut’s Memoir

woman with legs tied open

There is something so mesmerizing about this image. The cushion that she is sitting on seems to be in direct contrast to the rawness of the rest of the shot and the marks on her thighs leave me wondering if they were left by revenging fingers or something more stinging than that.

Gritty Woman

Man sucking on a womans nipple

Isn’t this just beautiful? The slightly open mouth implies a breathless passion to this moment and the little trail of saliva from his mouth to her nipple connects these two in the most sexy of ways

John D Stories

John D Stories on Sinful Sunday

I love the perspective of this shot. There is something so very masculine about it, despite the kilt and the fact they have captured John’s face through the glass is great piece of photography.

Understanding Flutterby

Beautiful curved back of naked woman

My top pic of the week is this absolutely beautiful shot from Flip. The soft pale tones of her skin, the swell of her breast adorned with the pretty clamps are stunning but for me it is the impossibly perfect curve of her back that I can’t stop looking it. This is one of the those images that really makes me want to reach out and touch.

You can see all the entries from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 142



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