Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 144

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 144

Nude woman looking down at camera

16th January 2014

Don’t forget to check out the new monthly prompt that was published this week; Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt 4, and have your contributions ready for the Sunday 2nd February 2014

I know I seem to say this every week but picking just 5 from the list continues to be a real challenge and this week for once, I am giving a special mention to Sexy Little Ideas amazing time lapse drawing video; Playthings. He really is an exceptional artist and watching the drawing emerge on the paper is quite mesmerising.

Now back to normal service…

Keep Calm Love Orgasms

naked woman in misty bathroom mirror

It is lovely to see this blogger back on Sinful Sunday again. This steamy foggy selfie is exactly that; steamy. I do love an image that makes me lean in towards the screen to get a better look and this one makes me want to reach out and wipe the mirror clean so I get a slightly better look at what appears to be a very sexy view.

Kinky Biker Mom

Large dildo in front of fireplace

At first glance this seems to be all about the dildo that is centre stage but this image actually has a great deal more going on in it than that. Look past the dildo and explore the reflection and suddenly this image is transformed in a rather excellent selfie of Kinky Biker Mom.

Exhibit A

Naked man hiding behind house plantLike the next two images below I could have happily picked this as my image of the week. All 3 are amazing just in very different ways. I love the contrast between the strong vivid greens and the soft tones of his skin. The placement of the houseplant is perfect, hiding so much and yet leaving just enough to show he is completely naked and then the final touch, maybe the stroke of brilliance actually, the watering can.

My Whole Sex Life

naked man and woman on toy tractor

There is something so very sexy about the ability to have fun and be playful, especially when naked. Life is fairly full of the serious, balancing that out with frolicking fun is such a wonderful thing. This whole image is quite frankly just pure magic in my opinion and I completely agree with Curvaceous Dee’s comment on it that there totally needs to be a caption competition for it.

Kink etc…

Self portrait about fear and silence

From the playful and fun we shift gears dramatically with my image of the week that is a truly powerful and brave self portrait. I think I have gone a looked at this image every day this week and every time I do it takes me breath away. She looks hauntingly dark and beautiful. The image speaks volumes about Lori, about her life, her journey to the woman she is now and just how damn amazingly brave she is.

You can see all the entries from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 144


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