Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 145

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 145

23rd January 2014

You only have just over a week to work on your images for February’s prompt. If you have not already seen it, make sure you read the all important Monthly Prompt 4 post and this Sunday is the last Sunday of the month and so the weekly round-up is in the hands of one of YOU. On this occasion it will be the lovely Emma from Dirty Little Whispers

My round this week looks like this…

Dragon’s Kink

Ankle shackesTaking pictures of your own feet is surprising challenging. The easiest way is often to lay down and lift them up above you but you always get feet waving around in the air. Looking down your body is the other option but getting a good shot that doesn’t include too much leg is tricky. Kazi seems to have mastered it though. Legs in the air for this shot would not have given us the shackled slave look that this image portrays and there is something about the black nail varnish that just seems to add to the suggestiveness of this shot.

Heaven’s Playground

Woman tied up by wrists to the ceiling There is blog on Tumblr called Happy BDSM which aims to show pictures “that capture the joy, happiness, silliness, giddiness, the smiles and the laughter” of BDSM. As soon as I saw this lovely image it made me think of that blog. Look at the smile on her face. How perfect it is that? She is clearly having a fabulous time, so fabulous in fact that she just can not contain her beautiful smile.

Silverdrop’s Toybox

Woman with vibrator between her legs

There is something very sensual and intimate about this shot that implies we are being privy to a very private moment. She appears to be utterly relaxed and the little glimpse of the toy gives us a clue as to why.


man pulling womans hair during sex

Capturing movement, reflecting the passion and the actions of a moment in a photograph is challenging thing to do well. Too much blur and you have lost the story and not enough and you have not conveyed that urgency. This image from Shalla has found that balance and created a picture that oozes eroticism.

Sex With Rose

Female domme naked with cropRose writes about this image in reference to her increasing dominant side. She talks of being proud and happy with this part of her kink and I think this image perfectly mirrors her words and feelings. Despite it portraying her dominant nature it is no way a ‘classic Domme’ image. Instead she has combined a soft sensual beauty with a subtle suggest of dominance, creating an utterly beautiful and very powerful image.

You can see the full list of this entries on Sinful Sunday Week 145


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  1. SilverDom says:

    Wow! Thanks. We’re surprised to be included. We knew we had a great shot, but there were (as usual) so many great shots this week that we don’t know how you choose between them.

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