Sinfu Sunday Weekly Round-up 146

It's all about the image

Sinfu Sunday Weekly Round-up 146

Man with lipstick on his underwear

30th January 2014

Firstly don’t forget this Sunday is the monthly prompt which you can find out about on the Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt 4 and secondly, I am not really here as this week the round-up is being bought to you by Emma Whispers from Dirty Little Whispers…


I love taking part in Sinful Sunday as it pushes me to take more daring photographs and I do love photography it just seems to slip through with a lack of time! Hence my new years resolution to take part in Sinful Sunday every week this year.
Looking at others photography is a wonderful way to see a snapshot of their lives. Whether it’s a sexy pose, a slight peek, or a look at a scene it’s a great way to get to know others better and a side of their personality you might not have known otherwise. Picking just five is a lot harder than you think!

Emma xxx
My Whole Sex Life

Man with lipstick on his underwear

I love the thought which has gone into this image. The layout of the male body, out of focus glasses which to me makes it seem like they have been taken off to kiss those white boxers leaving a teasing lipstick stain.


Bending over computer in the kitchen with naked bottom

The slightly seductive pose of this image is wonderful. How could you not want to come up behind Shalla and do naughty things? Especially with her being so exposed. Also make sure you check out the writing to go with this.

Exhibit A

Man in shirt tails naked from the waist down

There’s something about a man in a shirt which makes me want to pull him by the collar and lead him onto that bed. Unless there’s perhaps someone already on there? Such a fantastic bum on show!

That Position

Man's cock in steel chastity device

Wow. This image certainly makes it lock-down look like a good place to be. The reflections of the metal against the texture of his scrotum is amazing.

Understanding Flutterby

Nipple twisted in fingers

This is my favourite image, it has all of my favourite things. Her sexy red nails causing her nipple to twist into such a mesmerising pattern and the fishnet stockings just out of focus. You can almost feel the pain/pleasure.

You can find all the entries from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 146






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