Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 147

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 147

6th February 2014

Yet again it seems the monthly prompt really inspired people. The theme was macro photography which was quite a tricky one really but the images that people came up with were all outstanding. However, as per my own rules, there can be only 5 in the round-up…


Macro shot close up of clitoris

Ouizzi says in her post that this year she wants “to push myself to be braver about what I am prepared to post when it comes to images that contain me.” I think this image is not only brave but also absolutely beautiful. The detail in this shot is amazing, I love the way the clitoral hood is curling back to reveal the treasure beneath but also creating a perfect visual frame. I look forward to seeing what other images Ouizzi creates to achieve her goal.

Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

macro close up shot of nipple and breastI think this image looks like a landscape, a beautiful, sensual, erotic human landscape. This is not a landscape to be walked upon though, instead it is meant to be explored with vision, touch and taste. This landscape lives and breathes and Penny has created a truly stunning self portrait showing that off perfectly

Plumptious Pea’s Pod

Close up shot of womans lips and mouthPea posted a few images in her Sinful Sunday post but this one really stood out to me. There is beautiful softness to it that gives the image a really sensuous feel but the focus and clarity is maintained, you can still see the soft downy hair on her skin and the little glimmer of the moisture that sits beneath her tongue threatening to spill out of her mouth and coat her lips.

My Whole Sex Life

man wearing lipstickI think this shot shows perfectly how we can so easily be tricked by a photograph into believing a truth which is in fact a lie. If it were not for the stubble then one would immediately assume that this was a picture of a female mouth and in the same vein without the lipstick but with the stubble, then in our eyes it is automatically male. I think this images directly challenges out gender perceptions and teaches us just how our prejudices effect what we believe to be true


smoke flowing through fingersThis is just one of 4 amazing images that Shalla posted this week but I have picked this one as for me it is the one that seems the most evocative and sensual. They way the fingers seem to be holding the smoke/vapor makes me think of feather light touches of finger-tip on skin.  This image has so many possible stories, in fact I would love to see it used as a prompt for story writing as there are so many possible tales that it could inspire.

You can see all the images from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 147



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