Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 153

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 153

19th March 2014

Before I hand over to the lovely Adam and Monika from That Position for this weeks round-up can I please just remind everyone that in a couple of weeks (6th April) it will be a competition weekend. All the details of the theme and rules for entering can be found on Sinful Sunday Triptych Competition

Now over to That Position for their top pics of the week
Our very first Sinful Sunday post came years ago and now here we are doing the round up ourselves for the very first time. We truly love the whole process of taking pictures, having a giggle (all the fun behind the camera), showing and sharing and being part of Sinful Sunday when we can. It still always fascinates us how creative, brilliant and unique the Sinful Sunday crowd can be each week so it is our great pleasure to share our top five Sinful posts this week.

The Joy of Kink
Rope bondage using high heels
If you don’t own some bondage rope, shame on you because look what you’re missing out on! We like this images because not only is it sinful, restrained and openly explicit but that look of lust, concentration and anticipation of what devilish delights are yet to come on this willing slave face is worth a thousand words.

Happy Come Lucky
Red rope bondage
Nothing quite says sinful as much as a pretty little bondage rope bow, barely covering your lady parts, neatly presented and ready to unwrap. We love this, it’s simple, beautiful and very sexy. Who wouldn’t want to be wrapped just like this, or even be the one unwrapping?

Kinky Mia
Nipple in clamp
You can’t have good without bad, ying without yang and you sure as hell can’t have clover clamps without beautifully squashed nipples and my my my how beautifully squashed she is. The black & white plays well to the simplicity of this elegant snippet of nipple torture.

Frisky in the 916
Man decorating the bathroom naked
This image by Frisky in the 916 might make you question who you’re looking at and we love that. The vertical strip of action cleverly cuts the male figure and the bland coloured walls only enhance this image in our opinion. Leonardo da Vinci eat your heart out!

Sex With Rose
Naked on balcony in London
The pièce de résistance is quite simply, Sex with Rose. This lady ALWAYS post the most amazing images! The tranquility of the city view balcony with the bright and beautiful lights of London is a real winner for us! What’s truly amazing is how this sinful treat is so subtle and you have to really look to admire.

You can see all the entries from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 153


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  1. Mia says:

    Omg!!! Thank you so much for this! I very nearly didn’t post this last week!! Thank you!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. We are deeply honored to have been chosen, and doubly so to be in such exquisitely sexy company! Thank you!

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