Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 154

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 154

Soft focus self portrait of nude woman

27th March 2014

*Reminder* 6th April 2014 will be competition time on Sinful Sunday. You can find all the details about the theme and rules on the competition post; Sinful Sunday Triptych Competition

Next weeks round-up will be bought to us by the lovely Sex With Rose until then you are stuck with me…

Understanding Flutterby

Soft focus self portrait of nude woman

I absolutely love the soft dreamy feel to this beautiful portrait of Flip. The editing has resulted in an image that could almost be a painting or a vintage piece of erotica from a bygone era. The tones are gentle but full of warmth that gives this image a very sensual and delicate vibe.

Sex with Rose

Female dom pulling male subs hair

At first glance this image looks to be a slightly off, although Rose appears to be the focus the surroundings feel a little distracting, but that is why this shot is actually rather brilliant because as you start to really look into this image it is those surroundings, or in fact the objects in them that offer a glimpse of a very intriguing scene. However for me, the real heat in this image is Rose’s possessive grip in her gentleman companion’s hair.

Frisky in the 916

Couple having anal sex

This is such a powerful image. It is raw, intimate, graphic and beautifully done. If you have not read the words that go along with it please do, as they help to place this image, and more specifically anal sex, within the context of Jack and Jill’s relationship. This photo is, and I know am I not alone in thinking this having read all the comments that have been left on their site, seriously fucking hot.

Exhibit A

Man naked in the woods

I have absolutely no idea how EA managed to get this shot. Did he rent a drone for the day, climb a very tall tree and rig his camera up then shimmy back down and pray the remote trigger worked or did he manage to convince a companion to do the climbing which he frolicked through the woodland in his birthday suit? I would love to know the answer but quite frankly however he managed it doesn’t really matter, all that does is that he got one seriously amazing image out of it.

Behind the Chintz Curtain

Peachy bum

I think this image is utterly inspired. I have, upon occasion, had my arse referred to as peachy, but they were wrong, because THIS is the definition of a peachy bum in my opinion and this shot of it is brilliantly done. The colours are perfect, the reds and oranges work so well together. The red of the panties seems to bring out the slight blush red to the peach and the orange of the peach seems to bring out a slight orangeness in the panties. As for the shape, well I want to sink my teeth in to….. both of them!

You can all the entries from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 154



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  1. Once again we are honored to have been chosen for the Weekly Round-up! For reasons elaborated upon in our blog, this is a very personal, intimate, and dare I say vulnerable act, at least for Jill. I am pleased that she is so inclined to overcome past traumas and truly own it. We are pleased that this photo was as well-received as it was.

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