Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 158

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 158

24th April 2014

Don’t forget the monthly prompt for May is out now. Make sure you read the post; Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt 6, and have your images ready for 4th May 2014.

Also, check out Exhibit A’s blog as he is running a writing competition where he is inviting writers to base their story on a image they find on Sinful Sunday this coming weekend (27th April) Make sure you read the rules carefully and if you are OK with someone using your image then you can say so in your post or just wait and see if anyone gets in touch. You do NOT have to give permission, it is completely up to you.

This weeks top 5 pics


Fleshlight on toast Easter treat

For a moment when I first saw this picture I was a bit confused why boiled egg and toast was a Sinful treat but then I took a closer look and suddenly I saw that this is not an egg for eating, which then leads one onto to realise that what is on the spoon is not egg either! I LOVE this shot. It is so well composed. Looking directly down gives the instant illusion of egg and toast but on closer inspection that falsehood is cast aside to reveal something far more wicked and suggestive and if you go to the actual post and click on the image to see it full size you can just make out the photographer reflected in the spoon.

Stella Kiink

Droplets of sunlight over naked bodySuch a simple and yet very clever image. The perfect round droplets of such cascading down her body act almost as a guide for the eye, creating a bright starting point and then drawing your eye down to her nipple and beyond to the flash of thigh. Then there are their lost droplets, out of site, but not out of mind. We know there are there but we are left to imagine them.

Cammies on the Floor

head of penis pressing into vagina

That sweet moment when the head of his cock is pressing into you. You can feel it, hard and hot at your entrance, pushing, invading, teasing you. This image is that moment and it made me gasp with just how beautiful and erotic it is. I love the way the head of his cock opening her up creates an heart shape to her beautiful pussy. It just seems to emphasis how beautiful this image and how powerful this moment is between two people.

Dirty Little Whispers

Victorian girl with spanked bottomThis image is like something out of Victorian spanking erotica. The cream coloured lace suspenders, the dark stockinged feet and the bare stripped wooden floor all give this a wonderfully sexy vintage feel. The washed out tones just seem to highlight her poor red bottom, suggesting a story of a naughty maid being chastised for her bad ways maybe. In my mind she has her petticoat pulled up around her waist and is hiding her embarrassed and yet turned on face, down against the hard wood floor. This is one of those images that has real potential to inspire some story writing. Oh and I know this is all about the image but I absolutely adore the play on words in the title of this post… What would Jizzus Do?


syrup dripping down over womans bare bottomI am not sure that I actually need to write anything here do I? This image is truly mesmerizing. The way the syrup clings to her skin and trickles down over her stunning bottom running between the beautiful cleft of her bottom cheeks and down onto her thighs. I want to sit and watch it travel and then reach out and run my fingers through it.

Blast from the past

Sinful Sunday Week 41Pieces of Jade

naughty secrtary tied to desk

My blast from the past this week is this fabulously sexy image from jade. Her post contains a slideshow showing off a whole series of images featuring her shoes but this one really stands out for me. There is something about the tight black pencil skirt with the slit that reveals a tantalizing glimpse of thigh that just makes this image so suggestive. Coupled with the shoes and the crisp white shirt she really does look like the most amazing sexy secretary!

You can see all the images from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 158




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