Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 159

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 159

Don’t forget this Sunday is the monthly prompt for May. Make sure you read the post; Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt 6.

Also, check out Exhibit A’s blog as he is running a writing competition where he is inviting writers to base their story on a image they find on Sinful Sunday Week 159. You have until the 11th May to get your submissions in.

As it is the last Sunday of the month this weeks round-up has been written by guest posters SilverDrop and SilverDom who blog jointly at Silverdrop’s Toy Box

Weekly Round-up by The Silverdrops

Other guest judges have said how difficult it is to narrow it down to 5 images – and it is – but we had the advantage of numbers. SilverHubby made a short list, then I made a shorter list based on his, then back and forth like that, until we collaborated on the final five and chose their rankings.

It Girl. Rag Doll

Triptych sex and drugs and rock and roll byt harper eliot

This entry is sexy as hell, with the voluptuous Harper Elliot. Can you hear a soundtrack in your head when you view it? Because I can. For me it’s “I like you a lot lot, think you’re really hot hot” from Lady Gaga’s “Boys Boys Boys


Female bottom covered in sprinkles

Shiny, glowing skin and pretty colours. What’s not to love? Anyone want to take a lick?

Stella Kiink

Woman looking up at camera while sucking cock

SilverHubby loves the wide eyes of the cocksucker. I’m fixated on the beautiful cock.

Ruby Goodnight

Woman packing a cock

I love packing. SilverHubby loves it when I pack. In fact, we’ve designated Fridays as “pack or strap” day at our place. I know if SilverHubby was to catch me in this pose, he’d be equally torn between going for the camera or the cock.

Happy Come Lucky

Writing a letter to your lover nakedBoth of us knew from our first look at this gorgeous, luscious photo that it was certainly a finalist and probably our winner for the week. The love letter, the bare feet, the memories of our own letters to one another, the peeping nipple, and the dip into the navel. It creates a perfect image, and the best of the week.

You can find The Silverdrops on Twitter – @SilverDomUK @SilverDropUK

Blast From The Past

Sinful Sunday Week 42 – Frisky in the 916

Woman kneeling in front of man with fondling cock



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  1. As always, it’s an honor to be chosen, especially alongside so many other sexy photos! If you click the link back to our site, be aware that our photo features a click-through. 🙂

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