Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 160

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 160

Man in bed with smug tabby cat

Wow that a week on Sinful Sunday. The, All about the men, prompt really did inspire a whole range of images featuring men and masculinity in a large variety of forms. It was truly wonderful to see. As a general rule there is a lack of male subject matter when it comes to erotic photography and when it comes to Sinful Sunday, something which I think needs addressing. Not just here but in all representations of the male form. Just like with women, the male form has become something standardised, men are meant to be tall, muscular, youthful etc and yet we all of us know that this is not a truth. Just like women, men come in all shapes, sizes, ages etc and that as a result of this they suffer from many of the same body conscious images that women do. Hopefully Sinful Sunday and this week in particular has helped a tiny little bit to offer a broader and far sexier, view of things. I also hope that as a result we might see more representations of the male form in future Sinful Sundays.

I know I say this all the time but this week picking just 5 from the list was truly impossible. So much so that I could only get it down to 7 and had to ask @domsigns to pick 5 from that final group.

This weeks top 5

Dirty Little Whispers

Man reading Stars Wars comic nude

You got to love yourself a bit of sexy geekery and this image truly falls into that bracket. I love how the placement Darth Vader means his lightsaber becomes a phallic symbol. I wonder how many little boys and girls (and not so little for that matter) have done some version of this with their toy lightsaber? This image is fun, sexy and very clever and her title, yet again, is just fabulous.

Pandora Blake

Muscular Man in rope bondage

There is something very powerful about the contrasting elements in this image. The very masculine form that oozes strength is bound by the rope suggesting confinement. As Pandora points out in her post, is the rope in fact a symbol of society that pigeon holes men just as much as it does women, binding them in their gender roles? When you look at it like that the rope really does take on a whole new meaning.

Kinky Mia

Man with hard cock naked in the woodsI am sucker for an outdoor image and although I was delighted that the Sinful Sunday about men didn’t become a series of cock shots I had to include one and so I was delighted when I saw this entry. I love the outdoor setting, the little glimmer of Bluebells in the woodland beyond and the solid parallel lines of the trees in the background that are cut through by his beautiful erect cock.

A to sub Bee

Water running down mans shoulders

This image is HOT. If you have not already done so then go and look at the full size image so that can then truly appreciate the detail of the water on his skin. I find myself watching this image in the hope of seeing the little rivers of water running down his back actually moving. Although that didn’t happen this shot is so clear that you will find your mind eye filling in the movement for you.

Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts

Man in bed with smug tabby cat

Penny is right about Jake in her post, he is a very fine specimen of a man, with beautiful body, truly fucking awesome ink (that I have complimented on him many times) and then those golden curly locks and having had the pleasure of meeting him in person I also know that he is a truly lovely, friendly, bright individual which in my book makes him even sexier but despite all that for me this image is actually made truly awesome by the very smug cat. It is as if he/she is looking at Penny and saying “Ha! See, he loves meeeeeeeeeeeeee the bestest, because I am glorious feline and you are just a girl” Anyone who owns or who has ever owned a cat will know exactly what I am talking about.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 43Sexual Adventures of a Married

Woman tied to ceiling hook with purple blindfold

You can’t see her face or the rest of her body and yet this image is so revealing. The purple colour splash draws the eye into the scene and highlighting the importance of the blindfold and the cuffs. There is something very intimate about it, as if we are peeking in and watching this scene through a window or doorway.

You can see all the entries from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 160



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