Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 164

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 164

Just a little teaser before we get to the round-up; next months prompt will also be a competition. I am in the process of securing some prizes to offer and once I know I have enough then I will reveal the prompt. I hope that will be before the end of this week to give you all lots of time to work on your entries so keep your eyes open for that.

With regards to this week’s prompt; Black and White. I just want to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I think where people posted both versions of their pictures it really showed off how this simple editing technique can dramatically change the look or feel that an image has.

This weeks top 5 pics

Maria Open’s Up

Naked woman looking up at camera on the ceiling

I admit that before I uploaded this image here Iwas so curious what it would look like if it was flipped on its side or even up the other way that I gave it a go. All I can say is I hope Maria posts this again at some point in the future with the different views as this is a truly intriguing image and each way I tried it I found it showed me something slightly different each time. What I love about this shot here though is the way the curve of her upper lips seems to be an exact inverse of the curves of her breast. Oh and if you want to know how she took this then you will have to go and read the comments on her post.


Black and white nude self portrait of overweight women

The composition of this shot is amazing; I love the way the shadows hug her curves on one side and the bright white light falls across her chest, tummy and leading thigh on the other side. The black and white edit really enhances the contrast between the light, her beautiful body and they tiled background making her a powerful and striking focus within the image.

Harper Eliot

Girl with fingers in her pussy

There is something highly provocative about this shot from Harper. I think the combination of the legs spread wide, the placement of the hand creating an illusion of modesty and the complete nudity gives the impression that we are seeing far more than we actually are but most of all he expression on her face implies a complete lack of inhibitions on her part. In fact there is almost something defiant about it that makes her look totally at ease not only with us seeing her but also with the way she sees herself.


Black and white topless man with cross tattoo

Many of the posts contained both the colour and black and white version of the same image demonstrating how this form of editing can truly change the feel of an image but I think this post showed something that none of the others didn’t which is that black and white can also transform an image to you might otherwise delete. If you check out Ouizzi post you will find the colour version of this; the light on his back is over exposed creating a lack of contrast and most prominent thing in that image is his ear. Editing it to black and white has taken those errors and balanced them. We have slightly lost the setting but it doesn’t matter because the image is now about the shape and structure of his back and the tattoo. In the colour image the tattoo is lost, in this image it has becomes striking.

Maso Kitti

Nipple with ice cube on it

I am not a fan of ice play, mainly because I have body heat issues and poor circulation that makes keeping warm some times a challenge but this image makes me forget all about the practical stuff and has me thinking about what this would feel like on me. I love the little rivulets of water trickling down her nipple and the side of her breast and the light shining through the cube, almost creating a little star seems to emphasis the glistening coldness of the ice

You can find all the images from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 164

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 47 – Cara Sutra

Woman in face mask laying naked on the bedThis is a striking image of Cara and in contrast to this weeks Black and white theme it seems nice to end with a strong splash of colour. Cara really does have the most beautiful eyes however for me this image is all about her perfect heart shaped bottom.





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