Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 165

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 165

*Competition Alert – The next Sinful Sunday prompt weekend (6th July) will be a competition, so dig out your football kit and get sexy and creative with your camera. Full competition details can be found on Sinful Sunday World Cup 2014 Competition

This weeks top 5 pics

Cara Sutra

Inside Cara Sutras knickers

I want to be the sunshine. I want to be the black lace knickers. I want…. (as Sir likes to point out) doesn’t get, but at least I got this picture that to me feels like an invitation or an offering but the more I look at it I know that it is in fact just a great big, delicious sexy, tease.

Maria Opens Up

Woman tied up in dark basement

There is something wonderfully spooky and haunting about this image. I can’t decide if she is emerging from the shadows or being consumed by them but either way there is something dark and creepy about it that makes the mind wander to possible deviant tales.

A Dissolute Life Means

Rubber male sex doll with giant penis

Fireman Sam’s World Tour has seen him at his second stop in the USA with Hyacinth who posted a quite frankly truly awesome series of images of Sam experiencing his first man on man encounter. If you have not seen the post then you are seriously missing out as it is quite frankly hilarious although the lovely TN is truly a distracting site in nearly all of them and it is for that reason I selected this image. Despite Sam being rather, ummm, prominent in the image it is actually TN that catches my eye. The jeans, the glimpse of what lays beneath, the line of hair running down his stomach leading to…. I think you get the idea, right?

The Joy of Kink

Woman in breast bondage rope

I love this image of Serefina. The hand on her hip and the direct gaze at the camera seem oddly contrasting with the harsh breast bondage but they tell of a woman totally at ease and confident with her beautiful sexual self.

A to sub Bee

Woman dressed as girl hands tied with skipping rope

This is so fucking sexy in my opinion. The innocent white panties, the knee high socks with the girly pink bows and the skipping rope, a little girls toy, made to subdue and put a big girl firmly in her place. The suggestion of innocents intermingled with a more adult theme is intoxicating and the whole thing makes me want to reach for my white panties and indulge in my own school girl persona

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 48Curvaceous Dee

Woman in rope bondage laying out on deck

This shot is one of the click through images on Dee’s post from week from week 48 and I just love the way that at first glance she appears to be a woman lazing beneath her summer hat enjoying the sun but if you look again, I don’t think it is the sun that is causing her to be relaxed so much as the rope bondage.





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  1. I’m absolutely chuffed to be the Blast from the Past this week! Thanks for the great reminder 🙂

    xx Dee

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