Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 171

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 171

close up of pin wheel on nipple

*NEW* prompt for August is out now, all the details can be found on Sinful Sunday monthly Prompt 8 , in the meantime the weekly round-up space this week belongs to the beautiful Cara Sutra whose introduction to her piece really made me giggle…. there are is always space for a rainbows and unicorns as far as I am concerned.

Cara Sutra’s top 5 pics

Thank you so much to Molly for inviting me to participate in Sinful Sunday to a greater extent than I already do – by selecting my favourites for this week’s round up. This has not only allowed me a small space to say whatever I want on Molly’s fabulous site (fuzzy rainbow rockets and salt and pepper unicorns, so there), it has given me an extra reason to peer lecherously at the courageous and awesome Sinful Sunday players. Not that I really needed any other reason than for pure voyeuristic exhilaration.

It was incredibly difficult to select only 5 favourites from the 32 erotically charged entries this week, but I have made my final choice. Here we go:

That Position

Woman with spunk on her skin

The words ‘warm’ and ‘delicacy’ in the introduction to this image nailed it as one of my favourites this week. A breathtakingly hot shot (literally), the ThatPosition couple have managed to capture the evocative element of the day’s fading light in their photograph of his fresh liquid adornment on her body. As she wears sexy lingerie and a strap on which is quite evidently meant for action, the kinky connotations sent to the viewer threaten to overwhelm the senses.

Stella Kiink

close up of pin wheel on nipple

This photograph is such compulsive viewing it goes beyond erotic, into an area of the psyche where we simply respond to perceived physical sensations with both physical and psychological reactions. I must be turned on by confusion, because the macro sight of the multitude of tiny pin pricks on this cruel Dermaroller rolling over the sensitive puckered flesh of the nipple creates a surging need in me that I can’t adequately put into words.


Woman in suitcase

Although each of the three photographs in Switchtastic’s set are undoubtedly sexy in a cute, pretty and funny way, it’s the first photograph which really grabbed my attention. Regardless of the fact that her face is blurred and the focus is set elsewhere, the determined and slightly petulant facial expression cuts through the haze to plead with the viewer’s softer side. The red of the suitcase is a striking contrast with the pale skin tones, juxtaposed with the muted and submissive feel of the piece. An intriguing and highly appealing photograph.

Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts

Naked virgin mary

There’s so much I adore about Penny’s photograph this week that one paragraph isn’t nearly enough to summarise my thoughts. I could write several essays on the virtues of religious vice and the allure of perverting Christendom. It’s incredible that this photograph was snapped in a hurry and that the religious effect was evidently accidental. From studious glasses to a taboo ‘Virgin Mary’ poncho, the radiant backlighting and those all important bare feet, this artistic nude takes religion and casts it into the fiery flames of a passionate heaven.

Maria Opens Up

naked shaved pussy

I applaud Maria for her courage in publishing her photograph this week and I invite you all to do the same. Not because there is anything startlingly taboo about her image, in fact it’s a crazy hot artistic black and white of her beautifully bare pussy. Maria confesses to a shy feel, in addition to which she explains that this is the first time she’s posted a pussy pic for Sinful Sunday. What a joy this photograph is, epitomising all that is feminine while at the same time whetting the appetite and delivering tingles in this viewer from tongue to clit.




On a related note, you should check out Molly’s Pussy Pride project which is an unmissable celebration of all things woman and pussy related.

Thank you to Cara for such a fabulously thoughtful round-up it is really interesting for me, as the regular writer of this section, to see what catches other peoples imagination and more importantly why.

You can find Cara on her own blog Cara Sutra, Twitter @TheCaraSutra and Facebook

You can see all this entries on Sinful Sunday Week 171

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 53 – Lilmissshalla

woman in rope body harness

How could I possible resist a post that is called ‘Just for Molly’ and at the time I included the other picture in this selection in the round-up as I loved how Shalla had managed to capture the movement of the rope but this one is also a stunning image. I love the pattern of the rope work against her skin and the way the light highlights her hair which appears to be blowing in the breeze from the open window.






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  1. Stella says:

    Thank you Cara Sutra for including me in this week’s roundup. Goes to show you don’t need a fancy camera or special equipment to participate in Molly’s Sinful Sunday. All the pictures I post are taken with my cell phone and aside from a bit of cropping they very rarely have any kind of editing done to them, less than a handful of images since I started participating two years ago.

    Thank you again.


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