Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 172

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 172

*NEW* prompt for August is out now, all the details can be found on Sinful Sunday monthly Prompt 8  and you will need to get your images ready for this coming weekend.

This weeks round-up is our regular guest slot of the month and this time time it is the turn of Exhibit A

This weeks top 5 pics

Volunteer as a Sinful Sunday judge, they say. See the world, they say! What they don’t tell you is that you’re going to be faced with 36 incredibly good photos, then cattle-prodded by Molly into picking just five. That’s what they don’t tell you.

I narrowed it down to 10, and that was hard enough. I made Excel spreadsheets, I agonised, I went back and forth: at some point I think I had each of those 10 in my top five, and really they all just bounced around like lottery balls, waiting to be spat out. For understandable reasons, Molly won’t let me name-check the five that just missed the final cut, but each would’ve been a worthy addition to the list below.

In the end, these were my selections:

Spiritual BDSM

Smiling while being spanked

Happiness comes in many forms, yet rarely have I ever seen someone look quite as joyful as Sinnja does here. There’s clearly a special kind of trust in that relationship, if she’s willing to take 51 swats of the paddle for him, and that comes across really well in this photo.

Gritty Woman

Woman laying on bed with strapon dildo

If you know me, you won’t have any trouble believing that I found this photo really hot. Strap-on sex is something that really does it for me, whether in life or art, and Gritty Woman’s photo is no exception. I love the way she’s apparently just waiting for him, ready to pounce without hesitation or mercy when he does emerge from the shower, and I think it’s also superbly framed, with her cock jutting out in pale contrast to the black of the outfit.

Sexuality Sanctuary

High definition of naked couple

I don’t know what effects were used to create this photo, and I don’t really need to know: instead, I’m happy just to enjoy the slightly otherworldly sight of their bodies hinged together, and the intimacy obvious in the twist of her torso and in his hand on her back. It’s a great celebration of something new and happy, and I hope it lasts!

Maria Opens Up

Woman on bed in pencil skirt

I love Pulp with a passion, so the title of this photo already had me smiling before I got to the main event. It feels like the perfect visual representation of one of Jarvis and Co’s dirtiest songs, right down to the seedy, slightly washed-out colours, and it’s also achingly hot: my cock literally twitched when I saw it. Maria might be looking for something under the bed…or she might just be waiting there, pencil skirt raised, for him to come around and show her how she’s doing it wrong…

 Molly’s Daily Kiss

red charries hanging on clit

I swear Molly holds her best photos back for the weeks when someone else is judging Sinful Sunday! This is just perfect: perfectly framed, perfectly composed, and perfectly fucking sexy in every way! It’s not easy to make a close-up of a body part arousing (believe me, I know!), but from the way her lips are just slightly parted, to the snug fit of the cherry stem either side of (and above) her clit, this makes for one incredibly appetising package.

You can find all the entries from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 172 and you can find Exhibit A on his blog and on Twitter @EA_unadorned

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 54Frisky in the 916

Naked woman at hotel windowI love this view down Jill’s neck to her beautiful breasts. I can image a finger being run gently from her chin downwards and there is a part of me that wishes I could just tilt this image slightly and get to see more of what it clearly being hinted at or maybe I need to be on the street outside looking up and catching a glimpse of a beautiful women at the window.


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  1. As always, it is an honor to be included! Thank you so much.

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