Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 173

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 173

Apologies for this being a little late this week but I am still trying to catch up with everything after being away on holiday and coupled with school holidays time has been limited but finally I am here.

I was surprised how many people found the silhouette prompt a challenge but delighted that so many of you spent time experimenting and trying something new for Sinful Sunday. I think one of the things about the prompt is to encourage just that sort of thing and hopefully more of you will now feel like you have experimented with and hopefully learnt something new about photography as a result, alternatively you might just be absolutely pissed off the with technique but either way, it got you thinking so I am going to class that as win.

As per usual there will be a new prompt up next week to give you time to get your images ready for the first weekend in September so make sure you keep your eyes open for that and if you have any ideas for a prompt that you would like to see on Sinful Sunday feel free to leave a comment here or email me; [email protected]

This weeks top 5 pics

Maria Opens Up

Woman posing in front of window

Maria was one of the people who commented on finding this months prompt a challenge but in my opinion she totally nailed it. This is such a powerful image, the silhouette is strongly defined but there is just enough light coming into the room to give the image depth. Her pose in front of the window is confident and bold, there is something Liza Minnelli  ‘Cabaret’ about it, all that is really missing is Minnelli’s iconic hat.

Modesty Ablaze

woman wearing strapon silhouette in front of the moon

This is one of those images that you know full well there is a story involved with. She looks like a rather deviant Circus Master, or should that be Mistress, with the hat and the whip and I find my mind full of the various possibilities for wickedness that this image suggests. She appears to be intent on her task, whatever, or whoever that is, and utterly unaware of the camera and the thrilling sexy figure she cuts in front of the window.

Cammies on the Floor

Couple kissing on the pier at sunset

This is romantic, intimate and in my opinion a sexy as hell portrait of two lovers, oblivious to the world around them, completely focused on one another and the passionate moment they are sharing. Perfection.

Spiritual BDSM

Silhouette of male dominant

I have a thing about male shoulders, chest and forearms. I think for me it is because they encompass so much of a mans physical strength, it those arms, that chest, the shoulders that will flex and tighten as he uses them to tear the fight from me and put me in my place and this image of Michael makes me think of all that. The silhouette of his frame appearing to bear down on the viewer, me, just makes my heart and other parts do a little flutter of joy.

Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

Woman looking at her pussy with mirror

I have to admit that I spent a good few minutes trying to work out what it was I was actually seeing in this truly fabulous image from Penny before realising that it was the not the folds of her pussy but is in fact the reflection of the sheet beneath her. I have no idea how she managed to get the sheets to fold in such a perfect way but it was a master plan of an idea for an image that she has exacted perfectly. In my opinion this is a piece of photographic genius!

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 55Kink and Poly

looking up Jade's skirt

For me this image is so perfectly Jade. That cheeky joyful smile down at the camera just shows of her utter enjoyment and delight she is having and quite frankly peeking up a woman’s skirt and finding her bare is always sexy.


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  1. Mia Sinclair says:

    A fabulous round up of images this week!

    ~Mia~ xx

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  3. Thank you so much. Thrilled to be mentioned. Away on our hols, on an idyllic Greek island but still packed my crop and cock. LOL !!!
    xxx -K

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