Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 176

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 176

You have one week left to get your posts ready for the September Monthly Prompt  which is all about the girls…

This weeks top 5 pics

Understanding Flutterby

Split picture of woman's bruised bottom

First of all, wow what a bottom. It has such a perfect shape and the couple of little creases that define where bottom meets thigh is just perfectly adorable. However I really picked this shot for its artistic merit, there is something intriguing about the different edits, we know it is the same bottom and yet I find my eye flitting back and forth between the two images trying to decide which I like the best before realising it is a silly quest as it is in fact just two views of one beautiful bottom.

Kink and Poly

Woman in bondage on knees

I have picked this one for it is pure raw intensity. This is an image that captures that a moment. You just know it is not staged but a shot taken as Jade focuses all her strength, all her power and emotions on what is happening to her. This is kink in action, in all its gritty dramatic glory.

Remittance Girl

Molly on the breakwater in Brightonn

Remittance girl says that I was the artistic director on this shot because I spotted the location and suggested the shot but suggestion and execution are two very different things and she definitely executed me perfectly. I love the contrast between the harsh man made structure and the softness of the sea and sky beyond but it is the yellow arrow which really makes this image. Without me there, it points aimlessly into the corner of the seawall, serving no apparent purpose. The moment you place me in the image it suddenly becomes central to the whole image and yet its true role still remains a mystery.

Holly and Sir

Woman with glass dildo on her lap

For me this image is also about contrasts but in this case it is the in-turned toes which imply a sort of innocence or youth combined with the  item on her lap which suggests something more adult. It is like we are seeing two very different sides to Holly’s sexuality, both equally delicious and yet suggestive in very different ways.

Whole Sex Life

Man sucking womans cock gender play

This image is part of a whole series Evoe posted on Sunday and to be quite honest I really struggled to pick between them because they are all so good. They show passion, tenderness, love and desire with a heady mixture of gender play. After much scrolling and debating with myself I decided that this one was my favourite. Evoe looks as sexy as hell in this outfit and I think this image shows that she also feels incredibly sexy in it. The way she is looking into the camera is mesmerizing and yet the handful of hair shows her powerful connection with her partner who’s expression seems to show a man utterly lost in the joy and heat of this moment. Just beautiful

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 58Love and Lust in London

Woman in lingerie on four poster bed

This post is all about the joys of watching and how it can postpone the moment of touch and maker it all that hotter when it finally comes and in my opinion this image really portrays just that moment. The opulent surroundings ooze a feeling of decadence which is only enhanced by the beautiful woman reclining on the bed. It is a feast for the eyes, to savour and enjoy.







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