Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 177

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 177

Woman in silver blue bed

Don’t forget THIS Sunday (7th September) is the monthly prompt. I am really excited about this one and looking forward to seeing what you have all come up with.

In the meantime the last Sunday of the month is when the weekly round-up is in the capable hands of one of my many guests and this weekend it was the turn of my lovely friend Malflic who introduction to his piece is one of the most thoughtful and considered I have had the pleasure of hosting here.

Malflic’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

It would be all too easy consider Sinful Sunday as nothing more than a bunch of exhibitionists taking pictures. Yet simply put that perception could not be more wrong and completely off base. Take a moment and look, stop for a second and think beyond the carnal and primal desires the larger world thinks this type of expression creates. Then stop time, just for a moment longer, and look very closely. What you are seeing is art. Real art, a true creative contribution in every single image; the quick selfie, the intimate moments, acts of Dominance and submission, and the most elaborately constructed settings. Each evokes a response, a feeling, a reaction. Each picture is not only a piece of the creator’s soul that they have shared with us but Art in its purest form. Creativity solely for its own sake.

Every image submitted each week tells a story, perhaps the ones its creators intended. Or if you’re lucky enough to have an imagination and an open mind a story that is only for you. Something is created that is so striking you find it lingering in your thoughts somewhere else in life during a far different moment. A warm memory, a fleeting hot idea, the sensation of a long lost lover. The amount of thought, effort, and personal intimacy that goes into them is astonishing to me. It is something I’m am always appreciative and often envious of when I admire your work which is why it was so honored to be picked by Molly to be compiling this week’s round up.

As a man who claims to have disdain for rules but likes order alphabetically seemed the only fair way to list them.


Understanding Flutterby


It is hard for me to imagine a more perfect version of this picture. Yet Flutter By talked in her own commentary on it of not achieving an edit she liked. To me the contrasts of her soft skin by the fishnets mixed with a hint of something perhaps lacy just peeking into frame on her lower back and the fade in from black to the pattern on the duvet makes it all the more appealing. Tones, textures, and postures that are both striking and timeless.

A to sub Bee

Woman with laced staples in her back

As I reviewed my picks with my wife this is one that I expected her to try to sway me away from. Typically anything with a BDSM or submissive element to it is not something that appeals to her in recent years. Yet when I showed it to her she admitted that it would be her top pick. “It is beautiful, how can you not love it. The color against her flesh…” she went on and on and I couldn’t agree more. The Lavender (or purple it is up for debate) of the lacing, the shadows on the ribbon contrasted by the gray scale of her skin as a back drop and the silver of the eyelets near her ever so slightly straining flesh. So much to take in and all of it absolutely wonderful.

Maria Open’s Up

Woman in silver blue bed

Soft, Serene, Peaceful are all words I strive for yet typically fail to achieve. Undercover reached me in a different way than many pictures do. Rather than a feeling, or set of them the soft colors and warmth of the blankets accentuated with a peek of skin here and a flash of flesh there did something more. It created an ideal, something to dream of, long for, and desire – rest, intimacy and simplicity. It struck a note on a very personal level since often a similar view is the last I get before heading out before the first light of day while most of the world sleeps.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Woman with red hair sitting in field of grass

There is imagery and words that often are seemingly companions for me in life, the concept of evil (or seeing myself humorously as evil) and the call of a Siren who will inevitably send me crashing on the rocks and to my ultimate demise have been with me for as long as I can recall.

Molly has a wonderful gift, she often captures the world through a lens and color scheme that is how I view it yet cannot articulate to others. One moment warm and soft and glowing, the next stark and desolate. Combined a mixture of dreamy, erotic, gentle and in in the next breath hard, cold, and alone. “Red” with the soft monochrome the setting in the foreground and surrounding her is somehow haunting and dark with wonderful flourishes of color that forces what is special and beautiful to truly stand out even against the seeming promise of a pale blue horizon. After all there is nothing more beautiful in the world than a woman.


Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 59Ruby Goodnight

Lesbian lovers

This is one of those images that I can image hanging on a wall of an art gallery somewhere. There is something so very intimate about it, Ruby’s hand behind her back gives the impression that she is offering herself to Mrs Goodnight’s whose hand on her breast appears to be both tender and possessive but it the closeness of the two of them that I find so hot, they way they pressed up against one another makes them feel very connected to each other not just physically but emotionally too.


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