Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 180

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 180

*Just over a week to go until the next Competition!!!!!  Competition, Alison’s Titles…. and get creating ready for the 5th October

This weeks top 5 pics

Holly and Sir

Woman touching herself

Holly called this image “Tease” and I think it is the perfect name for it. The buttons appear to be undoing right before our eyes and that hand, sliding into her panties is loaded with suggestion. This photograph makes me want to slip away upstairs and indulge in a few moment of stolen time with my body.

Beck and her Kinks

Sideways on view of naked woman laying on the floor

In Beck’s post she writes of embracing her curves and her imperfections. I totally know where she is coming from when she says that. We are without a doubt our own worst critics when it comes to how we look. I see my wrinkles, stretch marks and saggy tummy before I see anything else but my self portrait photographs have gone a long way to challenging my overly negative view of myself and I hope this image does the same for Beck because in my opinion she looks absolutely stunning.

Sex Blog (of sorts)

woman with bruises surveys the bedroom scene from the night before

Some images capture a view or a moment and some of them suggest a whole story. This is one of those images. The narrative is yours to imagine but the facts are there for you to toy with; the bruises on her chest, the morning light, the crumpled bed sheets…. delicious little facts don’t you think? The rest is down to your, hopefully vivid, imaginations.

Penny for your (dirty) Thoughts

Woman running her finger through her bush

Hurrah for pubes! Yes I myself am shaved but it that is my personal preference based on how it looks and feels on me but I also think female pubes seem to be a rarity these days and that makes me a little sad. I am all for personal choice, how you have your pubes should be completely up to you, what I don’t like is when one way is accepted as being better or more acceptable than the other way. So when I see someone celebrating how they like their body to be then it makes me want to cheer.

You Won’t Tame this Sassy Cat

Woman with belt buckle over her breast

This image sends a little shiver of lust and desire through me at the thought the belt. In this image Sassy’s belt looks harmless laying gently across her breast and yet the light shining on the tip of the leather draws the eye into that spot, highlighting it and somehow filling it full of potential. This is such a simple image really but has been exacted with style and skill to create something highly suggestive and erotic.

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 62Being Blacksilk

woman with rope criss cross over her body

I am slowly going back through all the past Sinful Sunday lists an correcting any broken links. Despite the process being time consuming the up side is that I am getting to see again some of the truly wonderful images that have been inspired by this meme like this stunning shot from Blacksilk. The lighting in this is simple perfect, highlighting the texture of the rope against her skin and leaving beautiful criss-crossed shadows in its wake. For me, this image is a work of art.


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  1. Holly says:

    Ah big smiles from me! Thank you for this awesome round up, another fabulous week on sinful Sunday. Loved Penny’s as a fellow pube keeper x

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