Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 183

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 183

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Due to having rather a lot of work on at the moment I recently put out a call on Twitter to see if anyone would like to contribute to the weekly round-up. As a result, over the next couple of months I am hoping that you will see less of my favourite pictures and more of other peoples. Traditionally the last round-up of the month has always been in the hands of the guest poster but for now, there will be more a few more voices taking over this space starting this week with my friend @HopeAlways2

Hope Always Top 5 Pics of the Week

When Molly asked if anyone could help out with doing a #SinfulSunday round up, I put my hand up. Oh dear silly me, what was thinking, as I then began to wonder what it was I could offer. I am neither a Blogger nor a photographer, although I am one of the many thousands of readers that all you lovely bloggers out there aim your words and pictures at. Your audience if you will, so I thought  maybe I could offer a slightly different view point, even if sometimes I can be a bit unique in my perceptions and interpretations.

I am a very visual person. However that being said, you can show me a technically perfect and beautiful photograph or an acclaimed painting by a famous artist and they can do absolutely nothing for me. Images for me, of any form, have to at first glance just visually click, ignite a spark or evoke a response, whether that is physical, emotional, intellectual or indeed just set my imagination in motion.

So as #SinfulSunday is all about the image. I have made my choices for this week’s round up based on the impact of the responses they had on me. As those of you who may know me putting my feelings and thoughts into words is not one of my strongest points. I hope I have done justice to the images I have chosen.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Woman laying naked on fallen tree

First off I must include this one from Molly. I love the contrast of her smooth skin against the rough bark and the way her body seems to mirror the contours of the fallen tree as they both lay there. This one has the extra dimension of empathy for me because as soon as I clicked the link and saw this image it brought a huge smile to my face and evoked happy memories of resent walks with Molly and her camera  I could almost feel the sun and breeze on my skin again, and yes, you can just lay there and forget the world, even if it is only for a short time.

Rebel’s Notes

Suction cup on nipple

Well this one certainly provoked a physical response. As soon as I saw it my nipples went hard and there was that tell tale throb and twitch (dare I say it) *points and says “down there”. I was at a loss as to why for a short while, as up until I saw this image I have shied away from suction caps for one reason or another. Until I realised it was the shape of Rebel’s breast against her black sleeve, the hint of red on her nails and the impression of a gentle steady pull to the point where pleasure and pain mix just seem to do it for me.

Cammies on the Floor

Man fingering woman

I liked this one for a couple of reasons. Firstly as I had my first glimpse of it the filter used caused my eyes to try and focus and make the image a little sharper, which in turn gave the illusion of a slight movement that held me and drew me in further. Secondly for the way the image shows us so much about what is happening in this very sensual moment, and yet keeps that special feeling of intimacy a little more private between the two of them.

Stranded in Toronto

Tit fucking

Mr Stranded has captured a wonderfully intimate moment. I was held by the kiss which has the slightest feel of movement, giving it an extra depth and a glimpse of the passion.  It was only when I looked at the image as a whole did I see the full extent of their intimacy, and found myself hoping that Mrs stranded had her hands on his bum pulling him ever so slightly closer. This has a lovely feel of everyone being so comfortable with each other, allowing Mr Stranded to see and capture this beautiful image.

Stella Kiink

Torn condom packet

My top pick for this round up encompasses what #SinfulSunday is all about for me ‘The image’  It is simple yet so very affective, allowing each and every viewer to interpret the image in their own unique way. It set my imagination going in all directions and in a very short space of time I had three possible scenarios to this image. It is in my opinion the ideal book cover for an anthology, filled with every viewer’s scenarios, interpretation and the fantasies it inspired.

You can see all the entries from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 183

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 64Sex With Rose

silhouette of Roses boobSimple, elegant, sensual and beautiful are the words that spring to mind when I see this image. I love the little strands of hair that are just sneaking in and also my eye keeps flitting between the delicate curve of her breast and the little glimmer of light through the arch in her back.


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