Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 184

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 184

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This weeks top 5 pics

Happy Come Lucky

Woman glimpsing out from behind a fan

I have come back to this view this image a few times since I first saw it on Sunday, there is just something about it that keep pulling me back in for another look. There is something very intriguing about it, the slight blur in the image suggest movement but the angle of the shot also makes me feel like we are capturing a fleeting glimpse of a hidden beauty secreted away behind her fan or maybe it is the other way and she in fact sneaking a peek at us.

Big Butt BBW Considers

Woman's body turned into brickwork

This is an amazing portrait which when combined with her words creates a stark and powerful narrative about  mental health. The contrast between the harsh lines of the brick work compared to the soft lines of the shape of your body makes for a really strong image that sums up the feeling of being locked inside oneself.

Sex with Rose

Cock shot up the bodyThis is way more than a cock shot, it is sexy, sensual and intimate. The lines of light up his torso draw the eye in over his beautiful cock and I can imagine someone running their fingers downwards through that light. This is one of those images that elicits a strong visceral reaction in me that has me drifting off into a land of happy cockcentric thoughts.

Exhibit A

man getting naked in sports locker room

I don’t think I have ever considered locker rooms to be sexy places but seeing this shot from Exhibit A I think I might have missed a trick. I love that all his stuff is scattered around him, it gives the shot great authenticity and the way his shirt is pulled up over his head actually seems to give in a odd air of vulnerability in an environment where you not expect to find it.

Whole Sex Life

Kyke and Evoe getting it onIf you have not visited Evoë post then you must and you will see why I had such a hard time picking just one image to feature here. After a LOT of looking I picked this one because I felt it summed up the whole series perfectly. There is a real electricity between these two lovers which I found absolutely mesmerizing and there is something about the power dynamic in this shot which is emphasized by the contrast between the leather jacket and her state of semi undress that I just insanely hot.

Blast from the Past

Week 65His Precious Pet

Woman with head in washing machine showing of bumI don’t think it is possible to look at this shot and not smile at the playful cheeky nature of it. I look at this and I can only assume that lots of giggles where part of making this image. It just has the feel about it. I love the little kick of her heel and also the reflection of her back and bottom in the glass door of the washer. Sinful Sunday is about having fun with your camera and I think this shot is a prefect example of someone doing that.



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