Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 189

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 189

Don’t forget that 7th December (NEXT SUNDAY) is the Sunday for your monthly prompt images…. All the details of the prompt can be found on Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt 11.

It has been so lovely to have so many guests here on the round-up over the last few weeks and things continue this week with yet another of our regular contributors jumping in to give us their top 5 images of the week and this time it is Flip from Understanding Flutterby, a woman who’s self portrait images continue to enthrall and delight.

Flips’ Top 5 Pics of the Week

There is something truly wonderful about having a haven where we can simply be ourselves, where we fear neither judgement nor censure according to what we share, where we can express our desires without the need to further explain. For me, this is why Sinful Sunday works so well, the core of it’s success if you will. Each week people share some of the most intimate moments of their lives, be it a full on ‘Yeah I like to fuck, so what?’ kind of image, or something less obvious….a hint of nipple here, or a flash of cock there.

We see strength, vulnerability, we see images which inspire emotion, and those which cause us to stop for a moment and reflect. I’m always intrigued by the motivation behind an image, as through our photos we tell our stories….that, for me, is what keeps me coming back week after week. Here we can be whomever we want to be, we can show as much or as little of ourselves as we are comfortable to do, knowing others will get it, they’ll understand. We can be as debauched as we like without eyebrows being raised, we can be as innocent as we like without feeling like we’re not doing it right.
Thanks to Molly for allowing me the opportunity to do the round up, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and would happily do again in-spite of thinking how the fuck am I supposed to choose just 5!?
The Porn Clerk Chronicles
Man wearing frilly blue panties
This image is just fucking perfect….the cock encased in lace looks so enticing poking out from underneath there, it’s a perfect meeting of the masculine and feminine which is always so intriguing. The story behind the image had me smiling, but I have to be honest, it was that damn cap that swung it for me. ‘Yeah I’m in panties, but I’m all man, motherfuckers and don’t you dare forget it’ *giggles*. An absolutely wonderful image which, when I first saw it, I’d already decided had to have a place in my Top 5.
Love Hate Sex Cake
Woman laying in shadows on bed in stockings
This is a truly stunning shot, it screams femininity and unashamed sensuality. The shape her body makes is exquisite, inviting exploration. What struck me the most though was the holding of the blindfold over the eyes. That, for me, is where the intrinsic power of this photo lies. Sensory deprivation is an amazing thing….take away sight and the body feels so much more. It certainly sparked my imagination, wondering what delights lie in store for Minx as she waits for her sin to appear.

Charlie in the Pool
Naked breasts showing under bed covers
I chose this image not just because of the quite frankly fucking awesome boobage, but really because of empathy. I get it, I completely understand. When I’m having a low day I too chose to take to my bed, shut the world out and just be for a while. It’s a warm, safe, comforting place, a retreat if you will where mind and body can rest. Of course it’s even better if you have someone with whom to share that space, there’s nothing quite like lying in the arms of another …. I hope Charlie finds her ‘other’ very soon so she no longer has to retreat alone.

Deviantt Kitten

Bruises…..holy fuck the bruises. They are just! I see them and I wonder what went before, did she scream as they were made, or did she quietly accept the marking of her skin? Did she invite this blooming onto her pale flesh, or was this predestined to occur, was punishment the reason for their delivery? Whatever the reason for their appearance, they are beautiful…..and now I want some of my own.

Kink etc…
Prostitute in New Orleans, Quater Rat

My top image, by a long way I must admit, haunted me from the moment I saw it. Without even reading the back-story I was mesmerised. We have all, at some point in our lives, pondered the imponderable ‘what if’, we have all spent time in reflection channeling regret. This image of Lori is beautiful not because of how it’s lit, or how she looks, or because of any other criteria by which we define our own perception of pleasing aesthetics. It’s beautiful because she is sharing herself with us in an incredibly intimate and honest way…..this is me, this here is who I am. The beauty lies in Lori’s raw vulnerability, and the fact she trusts us enough to show us this side of herself. This is an image which will stay with me for a very long time.

You can find Flip on her own blog; Understanding Flutterby and on Twitter; @FlutterbyFlip

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 70Ouizzi

Womans legs in the dark shadows
I think this is such a provocative image, it is dark, sensual and very erotic. This is an image where you have to linger, let your eyes adjust to the darkness, really look into those shadows and you will be rewarded with a glimmer of a suggestion which will make you wish you could reach for a torch and delve into the darkness for more.

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