Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 191

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 191

I had a feeling this months prompt would inspire a feast for the eyes and I was not wrong which made my job of picking just 5 images even harder than usual. I had a short list of 9 and dropping 4 out was really tough but rules are rules and so I finally settled for this selection of wonderfulness

Top 5 pic of the week

Rebel’s Notes

Woman with red tomatoes on her pussy

I love the symmetry of this image which is created by her hands, the beautiful shape of her hips and the v at the top of her thigh. The only thing which really breaks it is the dramatic artwork of her tattoo. The colour splash effect is done really well here with the complimentary shades of red really popping out of the image and working to both compliment and oddly contrast with the rest of the symmetry

Gritty Woman

Woman with face mask

The angle which Gritty Woman has chosen for this is, in my opinion, what makes it work. By looking up into the camera it has made her eyes a really strong focus within the image, pulling our gaze right into them and despite the tease of the view down her body in the background you just can’t help but linger in those eyes.

Curvaceous Dee

View down Curvaceous Dees naked body on the beach

And again, by looking up into the shot it pulls the eyes open wide, giving the illusion of them being bigger than they really are and making them the point to which the viewers eyes are immediately drawn. Dee has combined her shot with some clever colour selection that bring out the blush pink of her lips and the beautiful green of her eyes all set against the long view down her stunningly curvaceous body.

The Sin Doll

Abstract portrait of The Sin Doll

The moment I saw Sin Doll’s image I was enthralled, and I knew it would be one of my top 5 this week. There is something so dramatic about it. The selective use of colours gives it a slightly abstract surreal feel especially with the lilac of the flowers being mirrored in her nipples, like one is infusing the other and for me the blue works like the blue of the sky suggesting that she is trapped between a world of colour and the darker lands of black and white.

Understanding Flutterby

Red nails with corset, tulle skirt and peak of pussy

The use of colour in this image is incredibly subtle but it fits absolutely perfectly within this image. The outfit, the lighting, the pose all contribute towards the vintage feel to this shot and the red of the nails create a flash of drama which works as an instant eye catcher when you first look at this image. However the placement of the hand also seems to work as an invitation to ones eye, guiding it downwards to the tantalising little flash of her thigh and the revelation of her lack of panties. This image might, as Flip tells us in her post, been captured almost by accident but for me it is truly an erotic piece of work.

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 72 Girl, Uninterrupted

Woman in red lights One of the other images from this series posted by Girl, Uniterrupted was included in the original round-up but when I was looking though all the posts from Week 72 it was this post that just kept calling me back. The lighting in this image is suggestive of the ‘red light district’ and yet her pose feels slightly at odds with that narrative as she appears coy and bashful and maybe not as at home in the ‘red light’ as her outfit implies she should be. This is a shot filled with contrasts.



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