Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 195

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 195

What I love about the monthly prompts is how they elicit such a wide variety of responses in people. It is truly fascinating to see how a single word, in this case ‘New’ triggers peoples thoughts and interruptions in such a varied way. We had posts about new things, new experiences, New Year thoughts and resolutions to name just a few.

The prompt for next month will be up in next week or so. I already know what it is going to be and I think it will be a real challenge but hopefully one that will inspire you all.

Top 5 Pics of the Week.

Curvaceous Dee

3 lovers having pos sex cuddles

This image of hot sweaty bodies all tangled up together in a post sex bundle shows, exactly as Dee wrote in her post, wonderful passionate loving intimacy. For me those tender simple moments shared with lover(s) can, at times, be more precious than the sex and this shot captures that sentiment perfectly

A to sub Bee

Woman in carboard moving box

A new year means a new home for Sub-Bee which means packing up the old one ready for moving and it would seem that it is not just house hold items that are getting boxed up either. I love the simplicity of this shot which seems to emphasis the slight vulnerability of Bee in the box but it is also has a wonderfully cheeky and humorous feel to it.

Cammies on the Floor

Man suspended in rope bondage and being whipped

Action shots can be really hard to get right, too much blur and you risk losing what is actually happening, no movement and it looks staged but here Cammies seem to have got it absolutely spot on. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a totally, in the moment, image and what a moment. Powerful, gritty, truthful and incredibly hot.

Maria Open’s Up

Woman suck cock looking up into camera

A bit like Charlie In the Pool’s image last week I am including this one not only because it is a fabulously graphic sexy shot but also because it represents a personal journey of discover for Maria relating to her body, sex and relationships, something that Sinful Sunday has played a small but significant part in. Please do go and read her post if you have not already done so as it is wonderfully honest and inspiring.

Gentel Clown

Man juggling while woman cups his balls

I adore this image, every single time I look at it i find myself giggling. It is playful, cheeky and so very fun and all that, in my opinion are wonderful qualities to bring to sex. I love the movement of his arms as he juggles and her hand cupping his balls is just priceless. Yes sex can be serious but often times it those moments when you dissolve into fits of giggles that are the best and this image just captures such a moment perfectly

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 76Red Region Inferno

Red Region Inferno on Sinful SundayAlthough the focus here is definitely photography and I would be unhappy for that to change it is nice to see the odd other forms of visual art now and then and this is probably one of my favourite ones that have been linked in. I included in it the round-up at the time but at bringing it back to life here again because for no other than reason than I adore it. I would happily hang this on my wall, I think it is creative, beautifully observed and seriously hot.





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