Sinful Sunday Weekly round-up 199

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly round-up 199

It seems to be turning into a trend that the monthly prompts just seem to bring out the best in everyone. It inspires people to try something new and indulge their creative streak, as a result, I have found writing the round-up is becoming increasingly tricky on these weekends but it is a problem that I am thrilled to have because it is a reflection of just how damn good everyone’s work is.

This Weeks Top 5 Pics

Frisky in the 916

Abstract shot of nipple being pulled

There is something about this shot that just keeps bringing me back to it time and again. The colours are so strong and vivid and they just to be reflective of that moment; the tension, the sensation which are hot, passionate and powerful. This image throbs with desire.


Man rolling up sleeves holding a wooden paddle

Abstract can be very far removed from the subject matter of the image or it can show you just a slice of something but that slice speaks in such a way that your brain automatically fills in all the areas that have been left open to interpretation. This shot by Malfic does exactly that. It is man appearing to roll up his sleeves while holding something we all know to be paddle despite that not being clear. I will readily admit that this image speaks directly to my kink but even if it doesn’t it is an image that leaves you feeling like you have seen much more than you actually have.

A to sub Bee


As soon as I saw this one I added a Black Light to my list of ‘things I want’. It is possible to achieve a black light look with editing but I have yet to achieve a result that I am pleased with. This shot from sub-bee shows just how good it can look when done well and is perfect for creating abstract images. I love how the light makes the fishnet really pop and by focusing on the curve of her knee we are left in no doubt that this image is all about legs, sexy fishnet clad legs!

Behind the Chintz Curtain

Woman wearing leather jacket, abstract nudeThis needs to be a book cover or a poster for a hot and sultry movie because that is exactly what it is, hot, sultry and smokin’ hot sexy. Beautiful use of light and shadows to create mood and atmosphere and direct the eye and the hands and leather jacket just fill the image with suggestion and possibilities.

Beck and Her Kinks

Abstract image of male testiclesThis is such a powerful image. I love the way the it shows the veins but also how the skin is so delicate, almost transparent is just amazing. This is a view of the male form that is often neglected and I think shows why that is a shame because I think their is something powerfully sexy about it as Beck’s shot demonstrates gloriously

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 80Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

Close up of hitachi between thighsPenny mentioned to me that she forget it was prompt weekend and missed out on doing an abstract image but when I went and looked at week 80 I discovered that she had just submitted her link very very early. I think this image is a pretty excellent example of abstract photography. Like Malflics we are offered a slice of the action, with just enough to tell us everything whilst showing very little actual detail.




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