Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 201

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 201

Molly Laying in the snowdrops

Just a quick reminder that because it is a short month the first weekend of March is rapidly approaching and that means it will be Monthly Prompt time. For now though it is over to Sassy Cat for this weeks round-up

Sassy Cat’s Tops 5 pics of the Week

I am thrilled, honoured and what a privilege to have been asked to select this week’s Top 5 erotic photographs. The photographs aroused, titillated and tantalized the senses. I admire the ideas, the creativity and editing skills of the participants that share their photo each Sunday. Each week I see glimpses into the lives of others, through a single photo one can be a voyeur, one can become aroused while another can be challenged to step outside their comfort zone. All of this is a positive close net community that is known as Sinful Sunday.
What a difficult task, to pick only 5. Here it goes…

Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

Penny in erotic embrace of Jake

This is an amazing photo, so professional looking. Something one sees in a Beach Get-A-Way advert in a magazine. Everything about this photo is prefect; from the positioning of their hands, to the expression on Penny’s face to Jake’s tilt of his head. Full of passion, lust and desire.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly Laying in the snowdrops

Molly’s white outfit along with the white flowers pops against nature’s green landscape. The quote goes perfectly with this photo, it makes me feel dirty & innocent all at once. There is a magical feel to this photo. I keep looking for fairies or woodland creatures to come out to look at the beauty that rests in their forest.

Cammies on the Floor

Woman with heart shaped wax on her back

The colorful heart pops in the gray photo and adds that one thing that draws my eyes from the top of her bringing my eyes downward. COTF made me understand how men feel when they look at a woman from this view. The curves of her body and the photo being cropped at the right place that drives my imagination wild. I understand why men place their hands on the curve of a women’s waist. This is a wonderful tease photo in my opinion.

Beck and her Kinks

Women with heart covered tape as a gag

Her eyes draw you in and make you wonder what’s she’s thinking. Whatever she’s thinking she’s not telling!

You can find Sassy Cat on her own blog; You won’t tame this Sassy Cat and on Twitter: @sassycat38

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 82Whole Sex Life

Woman vampire feasting on manI adore this image, her red eyes are utterly demonic and the way Harold is edited to look cold and lifeless sends a shiver down the spin. This is delicious vampire erotica.

4 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    Hannah’s pic is actually Bailey from Bailey’s Room. I can’t find the exact pic, but here is one from the same set: Notice the door handle.

  2. Kyle says:

    I appears she pulled down her website. Or someone did. Pretty f***ed up.

    • Molly Moore says:

      Thank you for letting me know that this image belong to someone else. I went to investigate and it would seem that most the images from her site are in fact taken from other peoples sites. The rules of Sinful Sunday clearly state that any image you link in has to be your image, you must own the rights to it. She did not, and even worse she edited it, removed someone else’s copy mark and replaced it with her own. I have since found out that Katie Butterfly, her friend, was also doing the same thing. Both of their links and any of their so called images featured here will be removed.

      When I confronted her about the image she never replied to me but deleted her twitter and her blog, I am taking that as an admission of guilt


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