Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 206

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 206

Writing on knickers and masturbation

A new month is nearly here, you have one more week until it is time to share your images for April’s prompt

Top 5 pics of the Week

Charlie in the Pool

Candid shot of Chralie in the pool naked

I am fairly sure that most women, regardless of their size and shape, will be able to identify with Charlie’s words in her Sinful Sunday post this week about how she feels about her body. In an attempt to challenge those feeling she posted this truly brave and candid shot of herself. She says about it “This is me. No cropping out the bad bits. No posing or holding my stomach in. No editing. This is the real me. The lopsided boobs. The big belly covered in stretch marks. The unkempt pubic hair.” And it is all those things that make it so beautiful in my opinion, because it is truthful, bold, brave and honest.

Cammies on the Floor


What I love about this image is that the blindfold, the rope bondage and the kneeling should be a recipe for creating a narrative that conveys vulnerability and submission and although those things are there this image actually seems to exude power and strength.

Silverdrop’s Toybox

Celebrating non traditional body shapes in men

I am so happy to see these two slowly returning to their blog and to Sinful Sunday. Over a year ago Silverdom started posting images of himself calling for more men on Sinful Sunday, a cause I truly support. In this image he continues that message but, like Charlie above, he chose to challenge himself with a candid shot about which he says “Because, although I am slowly losing weight ( 2 jean sizes since September), I still have a belly. It is severely scarred from surgery and muscle loss due to post-op infection. This means it will never be flat again, however much weight I lose” in the hope that by doing so he will encourage others with non-traditionally beautiful body shapes to-do the same.

What I love about his image is not just the sentiment it was posted in but also the intimacy it shows. By including Silverdrop snuggled up next to him, with her hand disappearing between his thighs this image becomes more than just a candid view of his body but shows desire, love and passion. These things are not, despite the mass media’s tendency to make us think otherwise, the domain of the body beautiful, but for everyone.

Understanding Flutterby

Soft focus nude

This image is like chocolate, or cream, or honey or wine, whatever that decadent thing is that you can image yourself sinking your whole body into, bathing yourself in the delicious substance. This image does that for me, it draws me in and makes me want to dip myself into the shot and smear it all over me. Simple stunning photography!

Happy Come Lucky

Writing on knickers and masturbation

I have a bit of a kink for being written on. It is not something we have actually explore very much but the idea of it is certainly a big turn on to me and so when I saw Honey’s images this week they tapped straight into that part of my brain. She has taken some beautiful prose written by Malin James about that moment when orgasm hits and ‘being pretty’ is utterly forgotten and written them onto these rather innocent and delicate knickers. The result is this seriously fucking hot image, with the black pen contrasting against the white material, just as the white pretty knickers contrast against the act of womanhood and female sexual agency. This is one of the most thought-provoking and inspired images I have seen in a very long while and on top of that I truly love the collaborative nature between two bloggers.

You can all this weeks images on Sinful Sunday Week 206

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 87Frisky in the 916


There is something deliciously hedonistic about this image. It is about pleasure, raw, sexual pleasure being given and enjoyed in equal measures.


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3 Responses

  1. The Real Cie says:

    I truly do wish we weren’t all brainwashed from a young age to be ashamed of our bodies. It took me until I was 45 years old to stop calling myself names like “fat pig.” If I hadn’t found health at every size and size acceptance, I would still be doing so at 50.
    I used to model for art schools, and part of the reason I did so was because I wanted to show people what a non-young, non-skinny, non-airbrushed person looks like and to challenge them to take stock of their own thoughts. If they think I’m ugly, why do they think I’m ugly? And am I actually ugly or is their idea a pre-conceived notion that’s been fed into their head from childhood?
    I truly appreciate the fact that you don’t only feature conventionally attractive people. Everybody has their own kind of beauty.

    • Molly Moore says:

      Thank you for this lovely comment. One of the main reasons for me starting Sinful Sunday was to create a space for people to share images of their body regardless of their size, age, gender, sexuality. It has always been important to me, as a self portrait artist, to show an honesty in my images. I am not young and I am not perfect but I am still beautiful. I hope I have encouraged others to do the same.


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