Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 208

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 208

This week it was the monthly prompt which was Soft Focus. It was a really tricky one I think, but yet again lots of people took on the challenged and did interesting, sexy things with it.

Top 5 pics of the week

Modesty Ablaze

Woman inserting butt plug soft focus

This image really works so well in soft focus. The softness somehow seems to really bring the plug into the foreground making it the focal point of the image which is then perfectly framed by Modesty’s beautiful bottom

Toy Meets Girl

Neon wand on nipple

it has been a while since we have seen Dizzygirl on Sinful Sunday but this week she returned to these pages and she returned in electrifying style. I love how the neon wand is giving off just enough light to illuminate the outline of her body and the little sparks of static jumping from the toy down onto her nipple are so clear.

Clive Journeys into Kink

head of penis poking out through bubbles in the bath

Despite Clive trying to make some wild claims about the bubbles being soft so this counted as soft focus, which it isn’t Clive and you know it, I actually really love this shot. It has a teasing and slightly coy feel to it which I really like, as if he is confessing his secret bathtime activities to us.

Maria open’s up

Woman slipping dressing gown off

Maria opted to use the vaseline smeared on the camera lens method to create her soft focus image which was brave as she was using a camera phone. The thing with this method is that tends to give your image not just a soft effect but often a slight feeling of motion too depending on which way you apply the Vaseline and that has really worked with the pose the Maria has picked. For me though the bits of this image that really attract my eye is the little curls of hair running down her back and the slip of the bra strap onto her shoulder. Those two little details really heighten the suggestiveness of this image.

The Other Livvy

Man giving woman cunnilingusEvery now and then an image appears on Sinful Sunday which makes me wonder what on earth I can possible write here on the round-up to do it justice. This image is most definitely one of those. Livvy has captured a beautifully intimate and fabulous sexy moment just perfectly. The soft focus enhances the narrative of the intimacy between her and her lover and the placement of his fingers tips somehow connects these two people in this moment even more

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 89Beck and her Kinks

Man wearing frilly apron and nothing else

I couldn’t resist picking this shot from Beck this week as I just adore the humour of it. It is not possible to look at this and smile. I love how her hubby is totally owning the apron only look with his puffed out chest and jaunty tilt of his chin. Hilarious.


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3 Responses

  1. Kat says:

    Amazing photos! Love them!

  2. dizzygirl says:

    Thanks so much. I really like how that pic turned out. We’re trying to get a similar shot with dizzyguy but it hasn’t worked out yet. But when it does, you’ll see in on Sinful Sunday. 🙂
    Great images, everyone.

  3. Such great pictures this week. Molly, you had a tough job choosing just five.

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