Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 213

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 213

Metallic female lips

Quick reminder that the prompt for the 1st Sunday in June is now out; Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt June 2015 and that is all I have for you this week, apart from to introduce to you this weeks guest who is the wonderful Tamsin Flowers

Tamsin’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

A few weeks back, Molly pinged me with a message. Would I be interested in doing the Sinful Sunday Weekly Round Up one week? Yes! Of course I would, I pinged back blithely, without giving it a moment’s thought. After all, how hard can it be to pick your favourite five pictures from a field of 30 or 40? A date was settled upon and put in the diary.

Having agreed, I started to wonder what sort of pictures I’d choose. What makes one picture stand out, while another, possibly quite similar, simply doesn’t have the same effect? What makes different people pick completely different images as their favourite? What is it about certain pictures that snares our attention?

I spend a lot of time on Tumblr – far too much, in fact – so I decided to take a look at my Tumblr feed to see if it shone any light on what, for me at any rate, makes a good picture. I go at Tumblr hard and fast. I follow a lot of blogs and I scroll through them at the speed of light. If a picture makes me stop and go back, it’s a picture I’m likely to reblog. And if you look here at the pictures I do reblog, you’ll see that (discounting the Tom Hiddleston tongue obsession) there’s a very, very definite aesthetic to it. Black and white. Girls. Legs. Stockings. Rope. Handcuffs. Full stop – that’s all.

Those are obviously my obsessions (not that I realised it before I became a Tumblr addict). So when it came to picking my top five for Sinful Sunday, I knew that any pictures that came remotely close to those elements were going to speak to me.

Here are my top five.

Understanding Flutterby

Blurred self portrait in the mirror wearing a corset

This shot stood out for me by a mile. This is literally so hot I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the picture to read the words. But I did. And then the words somehow make the image a thousand times more powerful and more poignant. I’m in love with this picture – it’s simply beautiful.

Love Hate Sex Cake

Cheeky minx nude self portrait

Here’s another stunning image accompanied by powerful words, though I’ve chosen all the pictures on visual merit and only considered the words as an afterthought. There’s something about this picture that speaks of yearning and wistfulness, of longing and expectation. For me, this is also the epitome of pretty. Let me explain – I hate pink, I hate girly, I hate flowers. This is pretty and in some way a little intoxicating.

Behind the Chintz Curtain

Suspenders against thigh

Ah – look at that little bow, nestling on her thigh. Look at the way the fingers are curling in to find their prize. I can almost hear her sharp intake of breath, her sigh of longing. I can virtually see her arching her back and pushing her hips forward. I can, even now, feel the tremble of excitement twisting up through her as her eyes close and her head falls back… Ahhh…

The Other Livvy

Mirror self portrait in the mirror

This is adorable. It has a wonderful vintage feel to it, like a photo from another era, and I love the perfect positioning of her rear view image. This is a woman in full possession of herself and ready to take on the world! I’d love to have this picture on a post card so I could send it out to friends whenever they needed a pep talk or a boost – it just seems to say, Yes, I can do it. I can do all of the things! Just try and stop me!

Illicit Thoughts

Metallic female lips

These are lips to be dived into and, yes, to be thoroughly and wantonly kissed. I know exactly what they’ll taste like – too delicious to ever stop. Part candy, part forbidden fruit, all desirable…they absolutely make my mouth water.

You can find Tasmin on her own blog; Tamsin Flowers and on Twitter @TamsinFlowers

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 94 – Cammies on the Floor

Woman selfie in the mirror

I do love a good mirror selfie and this is certainly one of those but I have picked this image because of its place in blogging history as this is the first image that either of the Cammie girls ever posted! I wonder if at the time they had idea where that would lead them. I suspect not.



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2 Responses

  1. No, I can honestly say we were both clueless as to how much we would enjoy this meme and how it helped our own body images.

  2. Kat says:

    Thank you for including my image in the top five! I’m delighted!
    The other photos are stunning and I am amazed I’m even in the same league as them.
    I love Sinful Sunday and the body positive ethos behind it. I’m struggling to come up with one this week as I am not brave enough to reveal too much and I’ve exhausted photos of my legs and lips! We will see if if manage something!
    Thank you so much and congrats to the other gorgeous, beautiful ladies who were also selected.
    Kisses to all!

    Kat x

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