Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 217

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 217

Woman laying on bed in stockings and suspenders

So that was the week that was… colour filters. I thought it was interesting that so many people found it hard to decide on which filter they liked best and so posted multiple versions. The result of that is we got to really see how exactly how colour filters can transform the feel of the same image.

There will be a new prompt for the beginning of next month out later this week so keep a look out for that and if anyone has a suggestion for a prompt they would like see here then please do drop me a line.

Top 5 images of the week

Cammies on the Floor

Woman in blue rope bondage

Blue tones can often give an image a cool or even cold feel to it but in Cammies picture I think the blue tones has only added to the calm tranquil feel to this beautiful image of M. I love how the light is playing across her skin which is where you eye is immediately drawn to but then you slowly discover the rest of the image, his hands at the top and at the bottom her face turned away, only adding to the blissed out feel of this shot.

Curvaceous Dee

Dee sitting on waters edge naked

The colour filter on this image is very subtle but hugely effective. It has given Dee’s skin an amazing marble like quality so that she looks like some water nymph carved from stone. It has also bought out the texture of the ripples  and enhanced the icy look of the water and the whole thing looks like something out a wintery water fairy tale.

Gritty Woman

Woman laying on bed in stockings and suspenders

It has been a while since we have seen Gritty Woman on Sinful Sunday and I have missed her beautiful images but this week she is back, and back with a wow image as well. Everything about this is beautiful, the lighting, the pose, the black and white edit but what I really love is the clarity of the focus on the skin on her bum. It is absolutely crystal clear and it makes it very easy for the viewer to imagine just how that skin might feel beneath their finger tips.

Tabitha Rayne

Pencil drawing of woman having an orgasm

If you have not read the words that accompany Tabitha’s drawing please do because they are a delicious description of black, or should I say the blackness of orgasm and this image really seems to capture that thought. I love the drama of this drawing, the tension and power of the moment is really captivating and for me it really captures something very powerful about the moment of orgasm that words can never really convey.

A to sub Bee

Close uo of female genitals that look like rose petals

I felt like my comment on this image was woefully lacking because I really had for sub-Bee was, wow but sometimes an image is just so fucking good that it is not possible to add to it with words. It doesn’t need words because it is saying everything perfectly on its own. This image is one of those.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 98Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

Penny in stripy socks with stripy candy between her legs

How could I possible resist socks, candy, and dusting of pubic hair and the beautiful Penny. This image is beautiful crafted, the colours are matched perfectly and by getting down low the lines of the wooden floor work perfectly as leading lines, pulling the viewers eye right into the heart or should I say crotch of the image.


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